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  1. Thank you, i appreciate your advice. I think perhaps the picture quality isn't good enough. I'll do a streak test
  2. Ok thanks. I file off a piece onto something & I'm looking for brown?
  3. Appreciate the opinion. Definitely don't think it's basalt.
  4. Please forgive me, I'm completely green. I ran the GM1000 detector over what appears to be some crystallized rocks that were surrounded by basalt. The detector made a very weird echo sound & would start high & fade away. I've heard the typical siren sound it makes sometimes as if there's an error or too much iron around the target, but this sound is completely different & would only sound off like this in this tone over these crystallized rocks. I've only had this machine for a few weeks & it didn't come with much instruction. I don't really know what to search for as far as th
  5. Yes, I did take a bucket back with me to sample it & no good result but perhaps I took from the wrong spot. The mine I referred to is on the west side close to the center of mountain near the base.
  6. Wow I really appreciate that information. I have been riding on the very west side & have come across a vertical mine (uncovered or fenced) that went straight down about 100ft or more. I haven't been able to locate the mine since I first saw it. There was gold from when they first mined it but I believe it wasn't profitable, less than 1 oz per 8 ton or something of that nature. I could be wrong. I do believe there are some forgotten & abandon mines there. I have been far into the mountain washes & I do see black sand but I'm not experienced enough to really indicate & hunt spec
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