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  1. Hi there, I’m new here and don’t know how all this works but here goes... ive had these rocks for the last ten years and remember getting them personally off an island in Greece near spinalogka. You’d have to smash a rock open and this was the outcome. just wondering what they actually are? Never knew and have recently found them out while moving and was curious. thanks for the help https://ibb.co/Dfyw5tx https://ibb.co/NFkPrRX https://ibb.co/F8d2Fw9 https://ibb.co/h2rYXFY https://ibb.co/qyjb1JR https://ibb.co/ZBvsxwQ https://ibb.co/gtV7ZQC https://ibb.co/G9yVRSc https://ibb.co/Fqdk23F https://ibb.co/GHkRdd7
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