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  1. For living a lie to the people like u have , I give you to the wrath of the beholder , he will decide your fate .
  2. I asked you , are you skilled enough to give me a correct answer. You failed me. I am Jeremiah.... this is the axe of eden
  3. If I told you what brought this to me you would think I’m crazy , I’m not though , what’s crazy is what brought me a few of these stones ( biblical ) and that everyone says there’s nothing ? Now that’s calling a black kettle white lol ... if you really can’t see the truth , tells me something really bad about to go down .... I need your help for the love of god ! I myself would have gave up a long time ago , but what brought me these stones sounds like a novel from the Bible ... please don’t call me crazy ... please look again!
  4. It’s a meteorite.. I know you see it ... with native art added .. or ?
  5. You know you see markings and writing . Looks like a evil tree and a apple ... look again .. I’m not crazy
  6. Last post to bother you with bud , here’s a few of the symbols , ever see any like them ?
  7. Begging to think maybe they are older than dinosaurs, I have spotted biblical dragon 🐉 markings on them . Maybe not 4 .6 million years ago , but over 460 billion years ago
  8. I have unimaginable skills . You would not believe me if I told you . Anyways I appreciate your time
  9. It was hidden by the states , only 1 place in world will agree and they are non union. Read story’s on how meteorites get cover upped by the states
  10. Meteorites like this is called oddball meteorites because they did not go through atmosphere, it exploded frozen blobs like this popped out then burned a little not enough to make it melt completely
  11. That’s not bands lol thats shock from how big it was compared to anything else ever seen water washed a few grains out also I’m pretty sure . Bricca
  12. Ok , now you know lunar is sedimentary. You sure your qualified to do this job?
  13. I pray before the truth lands in the wrong hands , don’t tell me lies when you can be a good man. I will not judge you , but you best believe eyes from above is watching us
  14. You’re not looking right , or your not educated enough. Check this lunar slab I got right here .
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