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  1. Before asking this question, know that the events that took place were poorly thought out and were extremely stupid to do having known the age of these fossils and rarity. So please disregard this post if you are only wanting to lecture, teach or complain, etc me for the stupid actions that occurred. For reasons not needing to be explained, a box of extremely old but well preserved fossils I own containing some petrified wood, skulls, and teeth was wrapped many times over with strechwrap then placed into another storage container and wrapped numerous times again and finally taped around all edges(to hopefully keep water out) and places in a 4 to 5 ft deep hole dug into the soft ground of my yard where it stayed for about a year. Today when they were dug up I immediately noticed that water had penetrated all the layers of the containers and wrap and was a dark greenish black colored. Everything was soaked but no holes were in any wrap layer or box. It reeked of rotten eggs, fro. Which I believe to be a bacteria that resulted from groundwater or rainwater penetrating and acting on the fossils. They have since been dried and seem to be somewhat okay but brittle and more fragile. Can anyone shed some light as to what happened and what it was that caused the smell. I still do not see how water could ha e entered either box with the amount of wrapped plastic I put around them. Any Info is appreciated
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