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  1. Aaesome thank you for the advice!! I will update when i end up doing it. I think i will keep it....unless life changing money because it is hella cool conversqtion
  2. I was thinking platinum but u cant see it in the pics i got... I dont think solver just a silver color. And i have gold tester and it did come up as gold in some parts... Is it common for gold and pyrite to be together? Do u know how i would get it tested and not like i would but if it is gold how i take it out? Also there are crystals but i dont know if thats normal. From what I read its probably from the type of mineral. I forget what kind. Just wondering if i should keep as decoration or worth getting looked into. I mean who saves rocks like this ?? Besides me....
  3. I can take better ones but this is heavier and pyrite
  4. This is non metalic and very very light barely heavy. Lighter color too more like a light silver
  5. Hi folks!! So I been teased regarding collecting rocks and gemstones and was told they were just a box of rocks. So when I went to a thrift store and saw a legit box of rocks I grabbed it up!! Well the box is definitely old and home made well. It has thick rope as handles and wood cut by hand. Inside is the strangest thing. At first the rocks seem like pyrite and ore.. with some at very high magnetic energy. Talking 1000 teslas .. some not so much. A couple maybe meteors. I don't know. I see one quartz block in the box but the rest idk. When I went to sand one just to see what it looked like the powder turned to a dark smootz and stains my hands. I went to break it with a hammer and it was so strong it would not go to the middle. Hence why I tried to sand it. Anyway.. I will leave pics if anyone can help. They rocks are all like a black with sparklers and tho I do see pyrite I do see gold. My untrained eyes and I am no expert but parts are not as flaky and more like a thick lava like gold color. Under microscope it is thick too. Where the other is more like a gold covering since it is flakey.... make sense? Tell me what to send and thank you very much
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