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  1. And yes I scratched with a knife. But it also scratched glass ..soo
  2. It seems dark for serpentine but its definitely a good suspect to the list. Here is a close up picture . Let me know if they're fine
  3. Okay I will take one tomorrow during the daylight :). Any guesses on what it could be be compared instead of jasper stromato if not? (even if no picture) Thanks for the pos id on the quartz
  4. So recent finds at a thrift store. A jasper stromatolite kamba slab. (or so I think) And it was wasted and made into a silly christmas tree. What throws me off is it doesnt have any circles like stromatolite structures would. Although there are the right colors and a little swirliness And a very large quartz crystal (or so I think). Clearly much damage to the point itself which is why I cant say forsure it is quartz. I originally thought it could be halite but then it wouldnt have points. The only test i can think of is that it scratched glass easily. Thanks all for any help.
  5. OUCH lol but these are the moments that teach us as well! I see very decieving! Okay thanks for the info! Yes my dad also explained this to me after. Def sounds like a better idea ;).
  6. Lol its still pretty in real life but yep. Now I know before buying these at thrift shops. The weight shouldve been a giveaway + it wasn't cold to touch.
  7. Def think its just molded plastic at this point. But for the record, what would you call this now?
  8. I just tried to melt it and it caught fire and I cut away some of it. wax?
  9. Would love to know. Clearly not amazonite, malachite, calcite, soapstone . Not sure if its even a mineral as its pretty light..weighs 7.5 oz and is 4" x 2.5" Love yall
  10. I agree, for futher inspection it weighs 10oz at 4.25" L and 1-1.25" thick. It seems average for weight but i dont really have anything to compare to.
  11. I believe they are related to crinoid fossils
  12. Oh yeah it definitely looks like sheen obsidian..let me grab some more pics of the chippings.
  13. No, could be anything..but my guess is mineral. Could it be dark black solid glass? Well that technically would be obsidian. Lol. I see what you are saying, obsidian would chip instead. Hmm , tough one. hopefully a giveaway is the feint grey sparkle or streaks.
  14. Hey can i bother you for another? I was lucky enough to find another mineral carving! I hopefully wont have to bother this forum so much but this ones also tough. really appreciate it! and i will try to get into the forums more, you guys are great!
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