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  1. Am interested in joining anyone that likes to metal detect or pan and enjoys doing the necessary research. Most clubs are for social gatherings. Im only interested in the actual search. Just sold my home in Scottsdale and kept the one in Payson. Very little gold history around Payson, except for the Oxbow mine. Willing to drive where ever the possibility is. Does anyone know if Rich Hill is totally claimed by Lost Dutchman Club or Gold Prospectors of America club. Would love to try it if there is an open area there. Thanks. Gary
  2. I don’t know if we even shared names. He just wanted to visit. Was so proud of that snake. And he was very quiet about the gold in the creek. Did not brag or make a big issue of it. Did emphasize that he never panned more than was necessary. The cabin set back about 150 feet from the road. Did you meet a “ Paul” in similar scenario? Gary
  3. Hi Chris. I think your confusing two separate matters. I did not file a claim on a specific area of a stream bed or quartz site or Piece of land, or whatever. I filed a claim on a mine. It was only 4 years ago. I got the lead out of an Arizona Highways article about a lost mine in the Bradshaws that was owned by an elderly gentleman in Scottsdale and due to Indian threats had not been mined for over 100 years. The magazine Editor gave me his name. I found his number, called him, then met him the following day. He was about 80 and seriously overweight. His grandfather had Worked the mine
  4. What about toilet paper? No mask needed out there. You must have 4 wheel drive. It is slow going but beautiful. Will research the location of the cabin. Did ask him how he was allowed to build a cabin on us forest service land. Said that his parcel was grandfathered out as an exception prior to usfs drawing up boundaries. God that snake was big. I think there is only one raw gold redemption shop in prescott valley. They might know his name. Will inquire. He did tell me that immediately after redeeming the gold, he went shopping for a months supply. He never let me in the house, which was
  5. Just as interesting, in leaving i drove west rather than returning to crown king and about 10 miles later i came across an old miners cabin and the old codger was standing out front. I stopped, got put, walked up his makeshift driveway, introduced myself and shortly asked him if he lived alone, “ nope, Ive got my pet rattler with me”. Said “ here follow me”. Went to front porch, he said wait. He went inside and got some food. Brought out and laid next to porch. Within 2 minutes a rattler that was at least 4 to 5 inches around came slithering out. Jesus, it was big. Asked him how he afford
  6. I spent some time in the Bradshaws looking for the Bully Bueno mine with a history of Indians killing any miner that ventured near it. It was said they created a landslide to hide same. I eventually found it, and with shovel and pick and a sore back i dug an entry into same. Slid in on my back, using flashlight ventured into the tunnel. Filed a claim with Arizona dept of mines. Posted same at the entrance. Only went in maybe 200 feet, scared of possible cave in. Did not have my detector at that time so don’t know whats inside. Haven’t returned. Crown King was an interesting place to s
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