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  1. Okay thanks for letting me know. I would assume there is no real way of knowing if you have gold. Does anybody know of a real way to know if you have gold. thanks
  2. If somebody can answer this question by what I have seen if it is pyrite or mica the prospecting magnitude will pick those up. But gold will not pick up with the magnet. Is this correct.
  3. I have been looking. If somebody can tell me if I am correct by what is have seen. Once I break the rock up if it has fools gold or mica in the rock. The prosecutor magnet will pick those two types up and gold it will not pick up. Is that correct.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I will try that Thursday when I go back to my hunting grounds that I have picked out in AZ
  5. I would like to thank you for the comments. I know when I do a manual ground balance it comes up between 4-10 for number. I have not seen the manual ground balance go above 10 at any of my times. I do have the constant ground balance on as well each time. when I go out this week I will try with all metal. Maybe you can answer another question. If it is hitting gold should the number be between -9 and plus 15. I do did everything up. thabks for your comments
  6. If anybody can answer this question on gold 1 or 2 should I have the all metal selected when I search for gold. I have had that on at timeless and get a lot if -8 or -9 readings
  7. Yes this is only one of the rocks I have. I do not have a gas power rock crusher. I have a hand held crusher coming in a couple days. But with what I have there is a number of rocks. mare they all gold I am not sure. I believe that I do have real gold in them. I wish they were all nuggets but did not find those.
  8. I was I believe in a good spot and was not planning on calling it a day yet. There was rocks that I had to carefully look at and some I through back. I do not believe the area has been worked at all possible. My next step it to crush them down and then I will find out.
  9. Should I be running it in all metal detect. I hit a lot of -9’s with this on. I have come across 12-15 and when I did it up sometimes I give up because I can not find the object. can anybody give me some direction.
  10. This is the first time in this remote spot. That was 5 miles away from some other gold I found last week.
  11. Here is a few better pictures with a magnifying glass
  12. I have rocks with gold in them that I would like to get crushed up so I can get the gold out of them. Willing to barter on terms. I am located in Las Vegas. Here is a sample of one that does have gold in it. Allen ace1mc@gmail.com
  13. I found this today and my box 800 in gold mode did not detect it. I did not have it in all metal tho I will have to try that
  14. I was gold prospecting today and after about 4 hours of using my equinox 800 in gold mode two. It did not detect the gold in rocks I was finding. The about an hour later I put it away I would believe the heat started affecting my minelab equinox 800. I continued on and pick up about 30 rocks with gold in them. here is a couple pictures of the rock that was not detected by my equinox. maybe somebody can explain why or what I may be doing wrong please.
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