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  1. ah, ok. That makes sense. Son won't let me cut it in half so i'll never know what's inside it....
  2. Hi from England. Family and I were down on the English coast today looking for fossils and my son found what we thought was a lump of rusty metal. We let him bring it home so we could google it but no luck. I think it might be a stone meteor but am obviously no more experienced at this that being able to google! Details Size: 14cm x 10cm x 7cm Volume: 270ml water displaced Weight: 2.2kg. It feels heavy for it's size so no like a normal rock. If my math is right that's about 8,000kg per m3 The outside of it i would describe as crystal/scales in appearance and the colour is like graphite with orange on it. So a dark grey but kind of shiney and some of it looks like it rusted. We put a strong magnetic near it but zero attraction so not a lump of iron. A corner of the crust has been chipped and underneath it looks like stone but under a small magnifying glass it looks like fools gold. Completely lost as to what this might be...any pointers would be great.
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