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  1. I wonder if he might have one of those old square body seventies broncos.
  2. This is actually not a meteor but a photo of a asteroid called Phobos. Also formally known as the largest moon of mars. The NASA folks no longer think it is a moon but a captured asteroid. It is about 25 kilometers in diameter. Just a tad smaller than the rock that killed the dinosaurs. It makes three orbits around Mars every Martian day. It has a retrograde orbit that is going to turn this rock into a meteor in about 50 million years when it will crash into mars. That would be train wreck worth watching don’t you think? So no I didn’t discover it. I do know where it is located. Too bad I
  3. I know where it is I just didn’t find it. lol. Is that a better title?
  4. Also y’all need to fill in those prospecting holes when y’all are done.
  5. The title should have said “I didn’t find it“
  6. The ultimate meteorite. I see you boys have been leaving fort wheeler tracks all over it.
  7. You are correct line of sight isn’t the only consideration. There is a range also. Ten maybe twelve miles is about maximum distance on a digital signal to a cell tower these days. Back in the old days when we had Motorola bricks and suitcases and the signal was analog a person could use a tower up to 50 miles away on one of those phones line of sight. You could also install a 150 watt chip in the phone instead of the 15 watt send receive chip that came from the factory And get about 150 mile range. Talk about cooking brain cells and giving yourself a brain tumor. Lol. It wasn’t legal to do tha
  8. Fair enough Bob. It is public land and there for everyone to use and that people need to respect the mineral claims and grazing leases. I was just trying to point out to the city folks that if someone runs into a grumpy rancher just to keep in mind that he is probably protecting his livestock and has more than likely at some point or another had a bad run in with people on said land. And no you don’t have to ask permission, But if you took the time to make the aquatints with the rancher it could just grease the wheel so to speak and make things less caustic. Like you said though there are a l
  9. What you are referring to is called a mobile hot spot. It is available from your service provider. It could be attached to a drone and sent up to get a signal then it would connect to your phone or computer via WiFi.
  10. I would like to address this from the ranchers point of view. First I grew up on a cattle ranch. But in Texas where I grew up is all private land with no open BLM land so there is no public use. Never the less. If I have my property ( the cattle) out on a piece of ground I will want to know what you are doing out there. Ok so let’s say you go out on public lands to hunt deer or quail. That is your right, but what happens when you shoot my cow? Also you might consider that cattle rustling still exists in this day and age. Cows are worth three to five hundred dollars a piece. So if you run into
  11. I just watched you episode about Sayer Springs on your your you tube page. That might be a good spot to take out the equinox’s and hunt. Just a thought.
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