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  1. That is a super job ! Best wishes on your other projects .
  2. Thanks for sharing this story .It is amazing the history that goes with so many of these old prospects and gold towns . Happy gold hunting .Peace .
  3. Just a thought that if you really hate digging trash like most of us , would you be up to the challenge of putting in a junk bag and show us at the end all of those junk lead and nail finds ? I really do enjoy seeing all of those piles of scrap metal etc. we are always picking up . It would be something if the hunters had to pick up after themselves like the miners LOL .Best wishes and Good luck on some more big nuggets . Peace .
  4. I will pray for peace for your family and if I see your big nugget I will leave it out there with your name on it . I really hope the health issues you and your family are going through will get solutions and that your doctors get the wisdom they need to treat them . Blessing my friend .
  5. I have really enjoyed your videos and have learned some new things . Thank-you for this site and I have enjoyed visiting with you at you shop last year when I stopped down from Stanton. Keep up the excitement of the hobby .Hope to see you this fall when I come to Stanton for the Desert Mayhem events .
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