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  1. Just want to know what your thoughts were on this stone. Thanks. Appears to be a breccia of some sorts, real old.
  2. I appreciate your input. It certainly could very well be and probably is. Just surprised how dense and heavy the stone is and it appears more melted rather than weathered but this is not my area of expertise. I also have these two stones below if someone could be kind enough to chime in that would be appreciated thanks. They both appear to be some sort of conglomerates?? The pretty one is very heavy and has small gold like incursions through out its matrix. Has a hard plastic/pyroxene ...? type feel to the stone. It weighs almost 6 pounds. My daughter sanded it down a bit to bring out its masculine features. When I went to cut a slice off the second stone it crumbled while cutting which I thought was quite odd. The stone visually appears quite old and weathered but it remains solid, intact with no fractures, as far as I can see anyways. My offspring tumbled the fragments and she sanded them with 600 wet grit, photo attached below, revealing an interesting 3D like appearence of the stones within the larger stone. We just have no clue what kind of stones they are and they were both found in far different locations in the province of Alberta. Be awesome to know what kind of rocks these are. Thanks.
  3. I should of paid more attention in geology class instead of jacking around all the time. I decision I certainly do regret now. The stone appears angrite like?? Correct me if Im wrong on that. Mods, if my file size is too large Ill remove some of the photos. I did my best to crunch them down as much as possible. Thanks
  4. New to the Forum here. Seems very informative. I have an interesting stone thats been baffling me now for a while now. Maybe some here can help ID it would be appreciated. Its very dense, weighs almost 70 pounds. Made my girlfriend lug it off the field. I was loaded and bogged down with gear at the time. Ex girlfriend now. Hope the pictures are suffice. Thanks
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