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  1. He says (and, yes, they all come from the same seller) they were found in California. I told him I was not sure these were fulgurites. He said they were apprised by a geologist.
  2. This and similar rocks are sold as a fulgurite. Do you believe it is a fulgurite?
  3. Maybe you could post some images of the concretions you have found? I am too fascinated by them.
  4. Thank you! Have you read this article http://adsabs.harvard.edu/pdf/1950PA.....58R..35L
  5. I saw some iron meteorites that look like this one, but I do not recall ever seeing a stone meteorite that looks like this one does. Could you please post a picture of the part you scratched?
  6. Is this one a fulgurite? Here are two tektites and two concretions with kind-of-similar shapes. Maybe some concretions are fossils of tektites?
  7. They are interesting rocks. For example , here is mine sand spike concretion. There is still no clear understanding on how they formed http://allanmccollum.net/amcimages/sanborn.html
  8. Two years ago we went to the Big Island of Hawaii to see the eruption. At that time lava was entering the ocean and we took a boat tour. Here are some videos I filmed Two days after we took the tour I looked in a window of our hotel and saw one of the tour boats speeding back. It was strange because they should not have been getting back for another 2 hours. So I went to the pier and here is what I saw (the second part of the video). They were hit by a lateral (seam) explosion and the rock (the picture below) is one of the rocks that hit the boat.
  9. A very good guess. It is a natural glass, no human was involved in its making, and now could you please tell me what it is.
  10. Below are a few pictures I took using a microscope. What did I take the photos of?
  11. Thank you. Yes, the ebay seller said it was from Liberty.
  12. Here is an article about these types of opals https://www.gia.edu/gems-gemology/spring-2018-microworld-opal-agate-like-banding
  13. it does have platy-of-color, but I have not seen an opal that looks as a crystal, did you? thanks.
  14. It is a volcanic rock from Ethiopia.
  15. Here is an interesting stone that is an opal and an agate at the same time And here is a microscopic image of it
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