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  1. I wish. No, I bought it from a reputable place and it came with a certificate signed by Tom Kapitany who is a Managing Director of Natural History Museum in Melbourne. https://naturalhistorymuseum.com.au
  2. Here is the opposite side
  3. Thank you! Yes, it is a tektite from Australia, Australite. This is one of the rarest shapes (a disk). It is only 1 cm. in diameter. This image was taken with a microscope.
  4. Hello, I bought this rock as an exogenic fulgurite. It does look as an exogenic fulgurite, but is it? I mean could it be a manmade? Thanks.
  5. https://baynature.org/2019/06/06/meet-a-beach-worm-that-builds-sand-castles/
  6. Yes, you are right! i have done some reading. These worms are called castle worms.
  7. Thanks. I thought about this also, but I have never ever found anything even remotely similar on this beach. Besides this sandstone is fused from many individual sand grains. Could worms do something like this?
  8. Here's a rock I found at the beach. It is a sandstone, but it has a rather strange shape. Any idea what it is? You could see through in these tubes.
  9. It appears that you believe that "Chinese writings" means only these writings that they could be read. Well, if you are to look at this category Chinese writings here https://www.opalauctions.com/auctions/chinese-writing-opals/ you will see that many of the opals in this category have less resemblance to Chinese writings than mine do.
  10. Thanks all for trying! I'll show to you what I meant later. In a meantime see any writings in this opal? https://youtu.be/o4TQFxSvgQE
  11. How strange! My opal from Ethiopia looks practically the same as the upper one in your post
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