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  1. Thanks for the reply! I am very well aware about lava bombs,however, I have never seen one with a similar shape.
  2. This is sold as a lava rock, but how it got its shape?
  3. Here some microscopic images. Some kind of fruits?
  4. So I was so interested in this whatever it is that I bought this opal and took a quick microscopic image. it is not exactly in the focus, but maybe now somebody will tell me what it is.
  5. It is not the image I took, so, sorry no higher ewsolution
  6. Thanks! And while we are talking abut dendrites, here is a microscopic image of dendrites in a Dominican amber In regards to the opal, I wonder what came first to this rock opal or dendrite.
  7. In some instances the opal play-of-color coincides with the pattern of the dendrite inclusions Please watch the video
  8. Thank you, Clay, for providing a great explanation!
  9. Thank you, but I do not believe that petrified wood or any fossil for this matter can occur in any volcanic rock. Yes, there is opal on petrified wood, fossil shells and so on, but opal could occur at different kind of minerals and that opal wood formed in a different way, not volcanic.
  10. What do you think about brownish things in the first opal?
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