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  1. Yeah, I've just started and it's been a lot of fun so far. Where I found this object was at the end of a massive fishing pier. The river was 40 ft deep. I also found 5 sets of working pliers, a fishing pole and all the hooks and weights needed. If this object was iron ore or cast iron or any chuck of metal, I'm most certain that it would have developed more rust on it. The markings are too unique and complex on each side to be scrap metal or iron ore. But that's my opinion since I've had an up-close look.
  2. I was visiting my dad for 3 weeks and wanted to do something outside. He has a bad back so he isn't very active and is very limited. I was magnet fishing in the Detroit river in hope of finding murder weapons; guns, knives, pipe bombs, etc. I've been doing a lot of research and to me, this object looks like a Achondrite meteorite. It's stoney, metallic, and crystalline. I'm getting it tested by the head professor at the UW geologist program .
  3. Went magnet fishing in the Detroit river. Found a heavy, mysterious object 40 feet down in the river. It looks like a Achondrite meteorite. Help!
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