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  1. Okay thank you for the answer! Those stones are both not magnetic right?
  2. Thanks for your answer but it does not look like a piece of metal the whole thing is like the first photo and on the second and third photo you see stuf on it but that is just on the surface also why not natural I am very curious?
  3. I found this stone in nature it is very heavy looks like metal and is a little bit magnetic (I tested it with a big neodynium magnet) the weird thing is that when I tried to hold a little piece of the stone that broke of in a flame it began to glow red just like you would expect metal to do I put a video from it glowing on youtube (Link) if anyone has an idea what kind of stone/metal this is please tell me
  4. wow thats a beautiful looking rock but your outside look realy different than mine still thanks for sharing!
  5. wow sounds facinating but you are sure its a fault breccia because I looked for images and they look like a whole different stone and the gray lines are not gray in real life they are white and look like white crystal
  6. I have had this stone for many years I remember I had 2 of them (the other looked less nice) and I cracked 1 open and it was from the inside all white crystal just like you see at the cracks in this one anyone got an idea what kind of stone this is?
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