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  1. A few days ago i questioned about a rock to identify if it be a meteorite. Some members helped me base on their own knowledge and experience, and i really appreciate. But, now i have a more clear question: Is this coat a fusion crust, or something else? If is not, so what is it? hardtimehermit said it could be water worn fusion crust.
  2. Hi every one. I've found a rock with queer appearance and some properties.It hase very weak absorption. The density is about 2.7. It looks that has layer like fusion crust with regmaglypts on the surface. So i sent it for Xrf test; Results are attached. Plus, i've attached two images for comparison between my rock (left) and some meteorites (right). Some say it would be amygdaloidal! But i'm not sure. Plz help me for better and certain recognise
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