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  1. Yes I do believe someone could fly a drone in there. Someone with a bit more experience than I have. They're drone would need to have forward facing lights that illuminate a large area. Me as soon as I turn the GPS off, my drone has a mind of its own. I've been trying to get the nack of flying by the feed coming back to my phone, only to have missed a tree branch and crashing it, last time into a stream. Wish I would have been recording, it was pretty cool seeing the bubbles coming from it as it sank. I got lucky it still works. What I use mine for is to look for areas along a stream or wash t
  2. I'm new to this forum, as you probably already figured out . I read your forum on leaf blowers for dry washers and realized, most of the people who I was reading about/from were here in the Phoenix area. I belong to several other forum from other areas. And what a better place to learn, from people in your own vicinity. I know gold is pretty much the same world wide, yet how to find it varies from one location to the next. I'm relatively new to prospecting. I have a 3" dredge, dry washer, sluice box and metal detector. I've pretty much figured out the use of it all, except the metal detector.
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