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  1. Are there two Mikestangs'? Mikestang1 May 29th "If this is an iron meteorite, any misshaping of the pieces happened when it exploded and would not have occurred on the ground. The forces required to bend and twist solid iron are much greater than can be produced by a terminal velocity impact of such a small piece of metal." Mikestang2 June 29th "To me, that piece of iron has zero appearance of having hit anything, let alone slamming into solid concrete at terminal velocity as you imply, but that's just my opinion" I think your efforts would be more appreicated in the lunar cooling thread.
  2. This response is an attempt to put things into perspective. This is only for fun and some ratios are made up but are done so in a conservative manner. THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE and does not include benifits from taking performance enhancing drugs or the use of a mobile lunar light cooling device. Bob has a point with regards to meeting the objective; however, not acknowledging evidence and examining the relationship between artifacts is the definition of naivety. The process of reviewing and finding coincidences between artifacts, means you're on the right path. Let's review what's at hand here: You go for a walk with your dogs, how far would you need to go before you found a 3 inch rock, any shape. My neighborhood is well kept and while walking my dogs (2.2 miles) I did not locate any rocks of this size. But for the sake of this example, let's say one mile. The sidewalks are 4' square so 5280/4 would yield a 1:1320 chance a sidewalk section would have a 3" rock available. Finding 3" rock on your walk around my neighborhood is 1:1320 in sidewalk squares Now add the sidewalk damage: What are the odds of having damage to the extent posted in this thread relative to your found 3" rock?. During my dog walk, I walked for .82 miles before locating any like damage and this across a driveway but it was the only like occurrence so I am going with it. Using the 4' sidewalk section again, that's equates to 1:1082 per square. The damage specific to my find is 17' between damage and find. Rounding up to 20' in both directions that would equate to 1:27 chance to have like damage in relation to your 1:1320 chance of finding a 3" rock. Finding 3" Rock and like damage within 20 feet of find (both directions) is 1:35640 in sidewalk squares Now add the odds of a discernable impression of a shape in that sidewalk damage. Here is where things get tricky since this is not a measureable attribute that I am aware of, but based on the types of influence that causes damage I can assume this is a very uncommon ratio - Say 1:100 of any like sidewalk damage encountered would have any discernable impression. I would say the odds here extremely higher but will keep this low for this example: Finding 3" Rock and like damage within 20 feet of find (both directions) and that damage has a discernable impression is 1:3,564,000 in sidewalk squares Now add the odds of your rock size and shape matching the discernable impression. Again, tricky to calculate but you can assume it would be very unlikely that your found rock would match both size and shape but to keep this conservative, let's say for every 3" rock you find where there is also like sidewalk damage with a discernable impression your rock matches the impression is 1:100. Finding 3" Rock and like damage within 20 feet of find (both directions) and that damage has a discernable impression and your found rock is the same size and shape of the impression is 1:356,400,000 in sidewalk squares Now add the odds of your 3" rock having a discernable flattened shape which could be attributed to the like sidewalk damage? Again this would be very unlikely but I am going with 1:100 to keep it real. Finding 3" Rock and like damage within 20 feet of find (both directions) and that damage has a discernable impression and your found rock is the same size and shape of the impression and your rock shows attributes of like damage is 1:35,640,000,000 in sidewalk squares. Assuming no relationship between events, and given 4' squares you would need to walk 27 Million miles before you encounter random conditions equal to what’s at hand. So is this a God is real cuz a banana is hand sized or is there reason to assume there are relationships between these artifacts? FYI I had fun writing this. Ken...
  3. I like the deduction aspect of how this rock found its way onto my fence line mulch. Seems to me the sidewalk damage was a part of this story. And really that’s the best part, the journey and process that adds up to the end whatever that is. While not the straightest path it does provide a layer of support for what the rock is and is good activity for the family as well. They are all working together on this - looking through fall reports for the last 3 years, coming up with possible outcomes and debunking others. It really has brought us closer as a family. With regards to the scientific aspect, If I could get an expert to look at the rock I would be more that happy to go that route as well. If you know of anyone in the southern WI area that has the knowledge, and is willing to take a look at it, let me know. Otherwise I will keep digging into areas where resources are available and hopefully build a beautiful story in the process. Thanks for all your help along the way Bob. Ken...
  4. These are actions I can do locally. Would not a professional do an analysis of the metal composition to validate and classify an item as a meteorite?
  5. Took a another look at the sidewalk damage last eve and it had been raining. I took a pic from a standing top down perspective. Seems to me there is an oval footprint Which is the same shape and size of my iron mystery rock (IMR) The end of the IMR I took a sample of did have a flattened section. Not trying to stir up anything just posting aspects that seem to have relevance.
  6. The assay would be on the metal construct with regards to the percentage of for iron, nickel, chromium, and manganese.
  7. Using E=.5*M*(V*V) The footpound energy is 536 so, assuming the contact area is ~1" this object would have energy of 6,432 pounds per square inch. Seeing the strike was close to the joint it is extreamly possible the concreate damange was caused by the fall. I am working on getting the meteorite essayed.
  8. Angle of impact would play into the concrete damage and potential energy after impact.
  9. What if it went through a bunch of mulch or through one of the bushes? I’m just presenting the evidence as I have it. Comments need a measure of subjectivity.
  10. The sidewalk pics are taken facing East. The fence pics are taken facing south Here is a pic showing an asymmetrical damage pattern. East end shows a wider pattern you would expect from the egress side.
  11. This side of the fence only runs for 70 feet. There is no gate on this side. The mulch runs between the sidewalk and the fence. There is no traffic on this sidewalk as it dead ends into a wood. There is no ingress on that end. So much so we do not shovel this walk in the winter. It’s just not used.
  12. The fall was fused with pieces of the mulch and still holds some.
  13. The fence marking is in between the walk damage and where the find was located. So no I was not saying the fence damage was directly from the fall but a secondary obstruction. Exact same size marking in the correct direction. No other markings on the fence whatsoever. Sidewalk damage is the same size as the fall. So you are an expert on sidewalk weatherization for 2.5 years of climate specific wear? Sorry man you are the one reaching here.
  14. Even if it plowed into a concrete sidewalk? Here are some updates and pics: Not sure how I missed the sidewalk damage. You can see the damage tails off to the right towards the fence where this meteorite was found. There is some unexplained fence damage right where you would expect as well. The fence was painted and the mulch added during the summer of 2017. I then found this report and media of a green meteorite fall from Dec 18 2017. My home is ~10 miles away from the camera and directly in the path of this fall. You can see part of the fall separate in the video as well. https://www.channel3000.com/green-meteor-spotted-in-madison I would like to thank everyone here for sharing their knowledge. Ken...
  15. You mean submetallic? In the cut therre are only small sparcly spaced threads of metal present so I would not classify this a submatallic.
  16. One item here. The smaller piece is from the cut. The two refers to my other post. While I agree on odds, how about adding some construct to your analysis? Any noob can just spew out a general negative statement. This is an opportunity for me and others to hone our meteorite identification skills.... So what characteristics specifically would exclude this item from being a meteorite?
  17. Finding the iron specimen got me looking at every rock I encounter. I built my house 20 years ago and cleared the land of trees and rocks. The land was original forest growth and my back yard butts up to a good 200 acres of farm and wood with 100 + year old oaks towering over everything. The rocks taken from the excavation have built two retaining walls, lined my garden, function as a water run off diffusion and are piled under my deck. With the latest find, I started testing every rock In the yard with a hard drive magnet. Found a handful but they all were discounted for some obvious reason or another which was fairly easy to do after reading through this forum. I then noticed a rock which had some black surface like crust and was not a material I had seen before. Picking it up for a closer inspection later, I pocketed it and carried on. Finding nothing close to a meteorite I went inside and took a closer look at the specimen. Here are some of my observations: # 2 Is of the Stone type and does not attract a magnet While quite weathered, it does have what looks like fusion crust. Has small white roundish specks that closely resemble some stony meteorites. I title sawed off an edge and there are thin small metallic pieces which can be seen reflecting the light within the cut There seems to be no mix of rock material There are finger print like indents on two sides. There are no sharp edges The specimen is smoothIsh but not water Washed smooth. A toilet tank lid test doesn’t not produce any distinctive colored markings So since I could not rule this one out as a wrong, I am again asking for some of your expert options. Now for the pics:
  18. More Closeup pics of the peeled back area:
  19. Diamond tile saw blade. One edge peeled back towards the end of the cut. These are pics of that area where there are no blade marks. See attached.
  20. Cut a small section to be sent for eval. Found this inside:
  21. UW Madison, WI - Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
  22. After some review and learning more about what makes a Meteorite, I think I have a explaination for the plan or non-conforming characteristics. It goes something like this... 1. The piece I found is the center or middle section of a somewhat larger meteorite. Most of the top and bottom are missing and I am left with the burger patty of a once hole hamburger meteorite. I pursume these broke off early into it's flight with earth's atmosphere. This center peice became bent when reaching the surface and now supports a slight twist like a thin 8. Supporting attributes: A. The outside rim supports numerious regmaglypts (Figure A.1 | A.2 | A.3 | A.4) Figure A.1 Figure A.2 Figure A.3 Figure A.4 B. Flows. There are a number of flows along the rough edge which would supprt breaking up of the piece before impact (Figure B.1 | B.2 | B.3 | B.4 | B.5) and could explain the 90 degree shelf alone one side. Figure B.1 Figure B.2 Figure B.3 Figure B.4 (Close up of B.1) Figure B.5
  23. I submitted help from a large state university, and was promptly told this was not a Meteorite. No explaination was given. Any ideas as to where one could get a XRF assessment? I searched via the web and found one which did not seem very trustworthy. Did some additional etching last night. There is a "A" type pattern that keeps showing up in differnt areas as well as sizes. Some seem to grow into larger A's. Pic are hard since it such a small window. The A pattern does seem to jive with other iron meteorite Widmanstatten patterns. Good search on Widmanstatten pattern:
  24. I widened the window a bit and Etched with home brewed ferris chloride. Looks to be the letter “A”. It’s faint and does not photograph well, but it seems to be something. I sanded and etched a number of times to be sure it was not dirt or an artifact of the sanding pattern. Each time it comes back with the letter A. Maybe there is a message inside ;)
  25. I have the gear and chemicals to make ferric acid so I should have results in a day or so
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