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  1. Are there two Mikestangs'? Mikestang1 May 29th "If this is an iron meteorite, any misshaping of the pieces happened when it exploded and would not have occurred on the ground. The forces required to bend and twist solid iron are much greater than can be produced by a terminal velocity impact of such a small piece of metal." Mikestang2 June 29th "To me, that piece of iron has zero appearance of having hit anything, let alone slamming into solid concrete at terminal velocity as you imply, but that's just my opinion" I think your efforts would be more appreicated in the lunar cool
  2. This response is an attempt to put things into perspective. This is only for fun and some ratios are made up but are done so in a conservative manner. THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE and does not include benifits from taking performance enhancing drugs or the use of a mobile lunar light cooling device. Bob has a point with regards to meeting the objective; however, not acknowledging evidence and examining the relationship between artifacts is the definition of naivety. The process of reviewing and finding coincidences between artifacts, means you're on the right path. Let's review what's
  3. I like the deduction aspect of how this rock found its way onto my fence line mulch. Seems to me the sidewalk damage was a part of this story. And really that’s the best part, the journey and process that adds up to the end whatever that is. While not the straightest path it does provide a layer of support for what the rock is and is good activity for the family as well. They are all working together on this - looking through fall reports for the last 3 years, coming up with possible outcomes and debunking others. It really has brought us closer as a family. With regards to the sci
  4. These are actions I can do locally. Would not a professional do an analysis of the metal composition to validate and classify an item as a meteorite?
  5. Took a another look at the sidewalk damage last eve and it had been raining. I took a pic from a standing top down perspective. Seems to me there is an oval footprint Which is the same shape and size of my iron mystery rock (IMR) The end of the IMR I took a sample of did have a flattened section. Not trying to stir up anything just posting aspects that seem to have relevance.
  6. The assay would be on the metal construct with regards to the percentage of for iron, nickel, chromium, and manganese.
  7. Using E=.5*M*(V*V) The footpound energy is 536 so, assuming the contact area is ~1" this object would have energy of 6,432 pounds per square inch. Seeing the strike was close to the joint it is extreamly possible the concreate damange was caused by the fall. I am working on getting the meteorite essayed.
  8. Angle of impact would play into the concrete damage and potential energy after impact.
  9. What if it went through a bunch of mulch or through one of the bushes? I’m just presenting the evidence as I have it. Comments need a measure of subjectivity.
  10. The sidewalk pics are taken facing East. The fence pics are taken facing south Here is a pic showing an asymmetrical damage pattern. East end shows a wider pattern you would expect from the egress side.
  11. This side of the fence only runs for 70 feet. There is no gate on this side. The mulch runs between the sidewalk and the fence. There is no traffic on this sidewalk as it dead ends into a wood. There is no ingress on that end. So much so we do not shovel this walk in the winter. It’s just not used.
  12. The fall was fused with pieces of the mulch and still holds some.
  13. The fence marking is in between the walk damage and where the find was located. So no I was not saying the fence damage was directly from the fall but a secondary obstruction. Exact same size marking in the correct direction. No other markings on the fence whatsoever. Sidewalk damage is the same size as the fall. So you are an expert on sidewalk weatherization for 2.5 years of climate specific wear? Sorry man you are the one reaching here.
  14. Even if it plowed into a concrete sidewalk? Here are some updates and pics: Not sure how I missed the sidewalk damage. You can see the damage tails off to the right towards the fence where this meteorite was found. There is some unexplained fence damage right where you would expect as well. The fence was painted and the mulch added during the summer of 2017. I then found this report and media of a green meteorite fall from Dec 18 2017. My home is ~10 miles away from the camera and directly in the path of this fall. You can see part of the fall sep
  15. You mean submetallic? In the cut therre are only small sparcly spaced threads of metal present so I would not classify this a submatallic.
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