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  1. I was grinding a stump and hit this thing about 10" underground. https://investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2020/4/27/sgfdn20200309_184938.jpg This is where I hit it with the stump grinder. https://investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2020/4/27/owmhdScreenshot_20191228-084354_Messages.jpg Thumbprints? https://investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2020/4/27/rsfki20200309_185042.jpg Is this lechatelierite or a microtektite? https://investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2020/4/27/qykmoScreenshot_20200422-230722_Photo_Editor.jpg It tested positive for ni
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