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  1. Thank you everyone for your input. This really does clear things up. Thanks Mitchel for posting the BLM policy document. That is all I have ever found regarding the law. Thank you Unc Ron for your input about policy not being law. And thank you Garimpo for your generous gifts, insitsu pics and all .
  2. Hi everyone, it has been a long time since I have posted on this forum. Hope everyone is doing well! I had a question about the legality of selling meteorites found in California on BLM land. Can you sell them legally? I remember a while back that you could not sell them, but that if someone inherited them from you they could then sell them. Have the laws changed at all? I would like to sell some of my meteorites but want to stay within the law. Thank you, Scott
  3. Thank you Greg for the coordinates. I just want to make sure with everyone that this is where you plan to meet. I'll probably be hunting Franconia on Friday and driving to the GB site that same night. Is anyone going to be camping at GB Friday night? If so, and you don't mind my company, let me know where to meet you. Thanks.
  4. I would like to meet you guys out there Saturday a.m. Let me know where I can find you. I have never been to GB. I am looking forward to hunting a new strewn field.
  5. I am planning to hunt Franconia tomorrow. Anyone going to be there as well? I would rather not hunt by myself with all the snakes out, for safety reasons, and I also wouldn't mind the company. I will have an all wheel drive vehicle and should be able to get to some nice spots if anyone needs a lift. I'll check for replies tonight about 7:00pm. Scott
  6. Hey Stan, You weren't the only one... I got out on Saturday; hunted about 7 hours North side and 3 hours South side and came up with (x3) irons and a chondrite that resembled the size of an iron :winking0023: Scott
  7. Congrats on your 912 gram beauty! That looks like the real deal to me. Have you gotten a chance to get some closer images? Nice job! Scott
  8. Ben, Erik, & Del, Great job plucking out some nice pieces! Anyone heading out this weekend? I'll be there for a Saturday only hunt, unless I get :skunkkitty2: , then I might stay through Sunday a.m. Hope to see you guys there. Scott
  9. Thanks Jim & Stan :icon1: . I enjoyed the link, it has pointed out many things I am doing wrong with my current meteorites. In the case of my Franconia's I don't plan to classify them and will probably just keep them in my collection to possibly sell at a later date. I think I'll go with distilled water and a toothbrush (maybe electric). I mainly just want to remove the unsightly dirt and sand so I can get a nice up-close look at them. I didn't know if I should use water because I thought it may encourage rusting. (Maybe I should heat them up in the oven when I am done cleaning them.
  10. I would appreciate any feedback on how to properly clean a chondrite, particularly a Franconia chondrite :confused0013: . Thanks for any input. Scott
  11. Thank you all for your encouragement. It was a great feeling to pull that big guy outta that hole. Sorry, my GPS is kinda shy. It doesn't like to show its private parts... :unsure: so I did like they do on T.V. and blurred it out. Actually, I have no problem giving away the location, I am sure it was a well pounded area. I was just lucky enough to run my detector over the right spot :icon_mrgreen: . It screamed! There was no mistaking the sound. Anyway, I blurred out the coords because I didn't know how veteran hunters of Franconia feel about giving coords out to the public. I don't
  12. Thank you for the images Wayne. Did Todd find this meteorite near the Franconia field like Mike did? Maybe I missed a previous post that explained this... if so, sorry for the question. I also appreciate your snake warning. Thanks. Scott
  13. I made it out to Franconia for a Saturday hunt. I finally managed to find a decent 243 gram chondrite :woohoo: . I also found a 12 gram chondrite and a nice 1 gram iron, though it is a little rusted. Here are some pics of the 243 gram piece. Scott
  14. Thanks for the pics Stan. It's a good thing you hung in there for a Monday hunt, you did well. Glad you got to leave feeling good, Sunday sounds like it was a stinker. Congrats on your finds :whoopie: . Scott
  15. Nice haul Del. Once again, with all the long hours you put in, you certainly deserve every gram of them. Way to go! Can't wait to see your pics Stan. Scott
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