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  1. Thank you... It is strange how life leads you. You want to zig while cosmic forces nudges a zag, I am a Texas-coastal commercial horticulturist who retired to live on the farm my wife bought, and for the last four years we have been on another island raising lobsters. The good lord gets us to where he wants us, so best to trust and just go with the flow...
  2. We live on the Northern most point of the island of Mindanao and my wife has a good friend living down on the Southern end. My wife was contacted by her friend and asked if I could identify two stones that she found on her property. I have yet seen a photo, merely a second-hand description provided by my wife. Her friend said they looked similar to diamonds but jelly-like, that they could be folded and hold that shape, and even squeezed into a ball. I personally have never remembered seeing or ever reading of a mineral with such properties. I hope to receive a photo, which I will post. in the
  3. Hello from a tiny private island sitting on the outer edge of a deep-water mangrove, during a virus lock-down. I am not sure how the quarantine life is like in your neck of the woods, but my wife and I and enduring it here well enough... fishing, boating, raising lobsters and growing coconuts... Yes I know it seems a rather bleak isolated existence, being forced to stay in place for three months, here among the Day-asan lobster huts, but someone has to enjoy endure it...
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