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  1. Have you hunted the Lagunas?

  2. Search for the SPMA club of San Diego , they have claims at the Potholes area . Look up my old posts on NuggetShooters from 2011  and you can read my experiences there. One off my friends continued to dig in the same spot and got into veins with 1/4 oz nuggets like raisins on a string. No one can get it all!

    Good Luck. Max

    1. AnitaS


      Sounds good,  Thanks again!


  3. Thank you Gilaoro!

    1. Gilaoro


      You are so welcome!

  4. I am a beginner and want to join a club. I live in Yuma, Arizona and would like to stay as local as I can. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Hello! Retired and looking to start metal detecting hobby. Living in Yuma, AZ.
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