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  1. Hey everybody Merry Christmas. This is Fireballs girlfriend and he just showed me a picture of that rock on my clean, super soft, white blanket! He took the picture then wrapped it. I just got it for Christmas. My new name is Miss Chillyballs!! Merry Christmas and God bless.
  2. Yes it attract magnet. I found it at the foot hills in Arizona 3 days ago
  3. Its blanket but on the rock I use fine sand paper on the edge I cleaned it with a toothbrush and water. And the size is about 1.5 inches in size. It has some iron use a magnet. Marrycritmas to.😀 Thanks for your comment.
  4. I found it in the desert . The size of this Rock was a about the size of a tennis ball. The color of it was dull black and it had parts of rocks sticking out of the surface. So I cleaned the rock with water and a brush ,then I used a turbo 4 inch diamond blade to cut a clean surface. I thought it would be just a solid color , but I was surprised when I did the cut. There's no iorn in it.
  5. I found it in Camino del Diablo. By the copper mountain and Welton
  6. Yes I didn't think it was a metioright . I was refence to another person that found some sandstone.
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