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  1. Yes i believe is a boxwork quartz.You are probably right!!!
  2. Yes, may be is some kind of sedimentary rock formation but is not soft like travertine . Is hard , scratch very easy the glass. Looks like silica rock , maybe is not a coral or sponge but i believe is something similar to them.
  3. Hi today i found this rock. This is a broken piece , so i take photo from inside and outside. Maybe if you cut it your rock looks similar.
  4. I found today 4 rocks and looks like fossilized coral. All this in the same area. Can anyone help for identification? Thank you
  5. Hahahaha.....yes i know , this is the standard answer!!! It's for hobby , don't worry. When i I laugh, I hurt. Yesterday we are open a closed cave. But in floor of the cave they open unfortunately a hole and I fell into another cave from a height of 3 meters and i hit my rib and my shoulder on a stalagmite. The good is i didn't brake anything. The band is we are found letters and numbers ( dates from WW II ) and cross and other human activity but we are left it and we are leave.
  6. Hi, I need to ask something. Can be a slag or something else terestrial, a crystal rock with 7 hardness , white streak and with shiny iron metall inside? They have if is, a rasty crust and is very heavy. Also i believe all the rock is full of veins( after i polish some parts) if you see it in microscope but and with magnifier. Photos tomorrow.
  7. Hi Bob, sorry but you are wrong. I have already made with wet sandpaper and the metallic luster is more. This luster is from the stone. If you sanded more with wet sandpaper the stone have more brilliant luster. The truth is i sanded the stone with wet sandpaper more than a half hour. But i use 400 sandpaper. So tomorrow i make what you say with 100 wet sandpaper. I am very curious about the result. But i need to ask, if this metallic luster is from the stone what are mean that??
  8. Hi, i don't like to say is this or this stone because i don't know to much like other here. But agate has a vitreous luster i think and this stone have metallic luster i think. In photo looks metallic. And translucent stone don't have metallic luster as i read . So, the reflective luster in photo is metallic, vitreous or something else????
  9. Hi Bob, is nice to try to help and thank you for this but for sure the stone have hardness up to 7 . I make test with different quartz more than 6 time and no one of them make any scratch to the stone still and after the polishing . Something about the reflection luster? This type of stone they didn't have metallic luster.
  10. Hi, i take some photos after i polish the stone . And after the polish the diamond blade scratch for sure the stone. First photo is without sun light. Second one with sunlight and my camera take makro photo with polarized result. Third one is without reflection of light. Is easy to see the diamond scratch , but again no any scratch from quartz . The need to found where i have my other gem samples ( ruby, sapphire, diamond, etc) to make more easy a good hardness test.
  11. Hi Morlock, tomorrow i will going to a jewelry store, not only for the stone, i need to show something else, but i will take and the stone with me .
  12. Thank you for your answer. I think is not a topaz, i think is something else. His luster is huge and reflect the light like mirror and not only the light , you can see reflecting things. When the lights reflect to stone surface the results is a huge metallic luster of surface where you can see things to reflect there. It's amazing.
  13. Hi, after a lot of time and hard work with silicon carbide , 60,120, 400,and 800 sand paper in wheel machine i polish a big part of one side of the stone. The Refractive luster of stone is super duper huge and metallic .Without a properly polishing is like the luster of Hematite or metal . It's like a mirror you can see your face inside....hahahaha. Really i show the reflection of my finger. Tomorrow i take photos to show it here. Thank's
  14. https://suneuropa.com/en/hand-tools/tools-for-drilling-and-cutting/diamond-cutting-discs/continuous-rim-diamond-saw-blade-125mm.html?SubmitCurrency=1&id_currency=2 I know true diamond scratch everything and for sure if i put more power to my hand they scratch and the yellow stone. But i put the same power as i put when i make the test to my clear quartz test stone. So, the yellow stone scratch the quartz, the same and the diamond, so the yellow stone is for sure 7,5 to 8 hardness. Now the diamond not scratch the yellow stone and for sure is hardness but we don't know exactly how much. In opposite, i polish a small area in the stone with 220 silicon carbide ( 9,5 hardness ) sand paper with wheel electric tool . So, i polish the area very difficult but the silicon carbide it started to burn . I have a good tools because i work a lot with them.
  15. Hi Bob, how can happen this with my hardness test? The test is clear and i put photos about it. This yellow stone scratch clear my quartz stone (serrated crystal) also and the diamond blade make the same, but quartz stone and diamond blade they didn't scratch the yellow stone. So, what a mistake i make?
  16. Hi, for which of the two rocks- stone you say? The blade is diamond, and scratch this second one and one clear quartz i have. They didn't scratch the yellow one, so this stone is not possible to be a quartz because this stone scratch the clear quartz and for sure is not feldspar.
  17. Sorry , but if that is agate, the diamond disk they scratched like a butter.(ok , not exactly hahahha) This agate is from the same area and the disk scratched a lot. The photo is not good ....i lost the sun light.
  18. So, one test with diamond disk up to the stone with photos. The disk is new. First photo before the use of the disk. Second after i work the disk by hand up to stone . Third after i clear the stone. And one more with sun lights. In the last one you can see the place where i use the diamond disk , is dirty but not any scratch.
  19. Hi Morlock, In the same area where i found all the other rock , where i go the dog walk near to my house. Glass is not possible, also citrine, topaz maybe because is hardness. Look i give photos with new test with diamond disk. thanks
  20. Hi , I found this yellow stone. Is very hardness. Quartz not scratched but in opposite this stone scratch the quartz. Also no any damage after i try to scratched with diamond disk by hand with medium power. (no machine) First i have in my mind this stone is a citrine or yellow opal or something similar. Now i don't know.
  21. Hi Morlock, yes i agree with you about the shape. But i have see many times old pieces of glass (more than 2000 years old ) and looks like a normal piece of glass , only is to much thinkness ( maybe 2-3 times more thikness) and the quality is pure (is not clear and is to much iridescene ). Also the time maybe make damage. But no one of them heve other inclusions like this. I write this to inform you. Maybe i have somewhere a piece and i show you. Thank you
  22. Hi Morlock, I wrote rock because they have and other minerals upside and maybe inside. Is not only a clear class piece. Thank's
  23. Hi again. In the dog walk again. In an other walk for other hunting i found 2 caves but is another story. So, i found this small glass rock in blue color but the color change to green if you play with the light. Any idea?
  24. Hi, trust me if they didn't have the metallic iron inside i will not give any attention at all. And because it's a small rock i try hard to make as little damage is possible. At the begging as already have write i was not sure if is meteorite even if he had metallic iron inside. Thank to all for help.
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