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  1. Hi, trust me if they didn't have the metallic iron inside i will not give any attention at all. And because it's a small rock i try hard to make as little damage is possible. At the begging as already have write i was not sure if is meteorite even if he had metallic iron inside. Thank to all for help.
  2. So, we solve the problem . They have inside 3-4 small pieces of metallic iron and 2 very small pieces in copper - gold color metal without any magnet attraction. The streak color is light to dark grey depends from what part of rock you take the streak.A lot of bubbles. If was a meteorite (because of metallic iron) maybe is a mesosiderite. Now is history. So, the second one was glassy all ,with a big bubble in the center. And the half of this one is history now. When you have a very small pieces like this 2 rocks if you try to find answers so probably they need to destroy them. Next....
  3. Hi Bob , you believe this rock is meteorite ? They have Chondrules and metallic iron, So is possible?
  4. Hahahaha.....you say it as a joke but i begin to search in this area for meteorite before a few months ago when i go a dog walk again but a Night walk. So, 3-4 meters front of me in the trail, i saw suddenly a small red light (very small) to hit the ground and after i hear a Noise. The next day i was going there but i didn't find anything. Have plants, no metal detector ,etc. I believe is something very small.After some days they rain to much and the trail almost destroy it. The municipality they send a Machine to make the road again ....but thats how i start... But before 15 days in the same trail and 30 meters far away from the place i have see the red light (in the side where water moves rocks, etc) found this: Its very small and light the half piece attract the magnet very powerful and the other side nothing. The crust looks very new. They have spherical hondrules but in this rock is black. You can see it in the photo around to white mineral i found inside where i scratched a little. I did't found metallic iron , but i believe maybe is more inside like a core. But the rock is very small , so i didn't make anything else and i leave it. Also the rock i found today is only 6-7 far away from this one, not in the trail but inside a farmer fields.They have some there.
  5. Also in microscope again i see they have many spherical things in green-blue color with white clouds , like as you see a cloud earth from space. Strange!!!
  6. Hello, in a dog walk again i found this small rock. Is not to much heavy and attract the most of the rock magnet but very week. Except some points here and there with huge magnet attracting. I scratch one of this point and they have metallic iron. One photo is better from 1000 words. They have metallic iron for sure 100% but i don't know if is meteorite. I take the photo with or without sun light. In microscope the metallic surface looks to have Widmanstatten parallel in many directions. The rock dimension is : 2,9 x 2,6 x 1,6 cm
  7. If scratch it with fusion crust the most possible is the streak to be gray, brown or black . They need to greed first.
  8. First i will begin with all here they say again and again , no quartz in meteorite. So here we are. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/08/180822091025.htm Second, the PDFs is not only up to terrestrial rocks in the impact crater but also in meteorite. So here we are: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/maps.13367 Third, in my rock the PDFs is only up to the melted amorphous green mineral. Also, you can see it with optical microscope but is better to be sure the use of electron microscope with polarized light. My picture is not mine but is similar to how they looks (PDFs in my rock) . Nothing is sure before the right examination. Thank you
  9. As continue to be curious about my rock still waiting to send them in lab for examination I study it again and again. I have a pocket hand microscope and I carefully examined the inside on the broken side at 60x analysis (have a problem and i fix it yesterday). The band is, is not possible to take photos ,etc. So, i found in many places in the rock Planar deformation features, or PDFs in different directions but always parallel to each other and looks glassy. When the green mineral (crystal) is almost flat and clear without other minerals is very easy to see PDFs clear without any doubt or what is. . In my rock the PDFs looks more closer to the second photo , same parallel lines in different directions. Also i found dark mineral in needle shape in many places, sometimes individually but also in masses. Some of them is inside to green mineral. But the most of them is out, inside in the other darkest minerals in the rock. So, any idea? The pdfs in my rock looks like this in photo but my analysis is not so big. For sure is good this but need examination i know.
  10. And i will come back in this rock. I am sure the most here you believe is a basaltic terrestrial rock. Maybe you have Right. But i am very sure for the impact crash and melting rock. Also i am sure the outside black color is crust.( new photos tomorrow). I followed your advice and i did more tests with what I have available. So i make better hardness and streak test. They scratch class very easy, knife not scratch it but quartz scratch it .So is somewhere to 6-6,5. The streak is white to gray. The strange is that, the half of the rock (with impact point) they attract magnet(not strong but good enough), the other half is not attract magnet. And all the rock looks same. I am sure is not a iron or iron meteorite......but i am not sure that is a terrestrial rock.
  11. Hi Bob, i didn't say you are wrong but all meteorite is not iron or iron stone only. This is the exiting in all this. Out there is meteorite from mars , maybe from Aphrodite, Mercury and other places. Basaltic and unusual rock. You never know ....but to be sure need examinations. You never know.....
  12. Yes and have no metallic iron and nickel.
  13. Hi Bob, maybe you have right ,for sure is not only one mineral, but now after melting the rock looks different. They have found some unusual meteorite rich in iron, nickel without metallic iron or nickel. I post one here(some posts before). And is not only this one. S6: very strongly shocked (75-90 GPa); olivine recrystallizes, with local alteration to a mineral called ringwoodite and shock melting of plagioclase to a glass ringwoodite have iron .
  14. Hi, i am not against you or the other member and of curse i am not sure if this rock is a meteorite. But i am sure for the impact crush and i am not sure if this material is quartz. The knife scratch it. All the material and not only the amorphous and melting. Maybe some place in the rock is more hardness from other . Also all the rock is pale greenish , from light green to very dark green. The strange is have too many iron and not only this but also is magnetic. Not too much but magnetic. The streak color is light green to gray. I don't know any iron mineral in green color and magnetic. I will try many days to found any information about green minerals with iron and magnetic and with 4,5-5,5 hardness. It also generally does not scratch the glass, except for some parts that, as I said, are harder and they scratch it, but not easy. Also the green colored quartz you say is not only inside the fractured as you say but also inside to the rock if you see the photo. Maybe is not iron only, but nickel and cobalt.
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