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  1. streak test was light grey. No red and not dark or black for sure.
  2. kinda funny story..i am a fedex driver and i forgot if an address was north or south main street in follett, tx so I just pulled over on the far south side of main st. I got out and walked around to open the side door and it was just sitting there next to curb next to rear tire...all by itself..was like "What the..." picked it up has very nice weight to it..so took it home. Looked at it for an hour or two because as most of you know every time you think might have found one and try the magnet test.....you get nothing. Finally I got the magnet out and was getting close I was like "figures" when
  3. here are some rocks I have collected the last couple of years. These are not iron and are not magnetic. I tried to get best pics possible. None of the rocks have been polished or cut and are as they were when I found them. Total of 4 rocks below pics 1-3 1st rock, 4 & 5 2nd rock, 6 & 7 3rd rock, 8 4th rock. The first 3 mainly. The fourth I just found the other day as it was out of place with the rest of the terrain. Let me know if you have any questions.
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