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  1. I believe thats conchoidal fracturing as well as smoothing by water errosion. Here are some pictures I found that may help. I also believe as you about proving with as much as possible instead of cracking jokes at your expense. If you believe it to be the real deal, the only way to do so is by sending it to a lab for an Xrd or what not. This is on obsidian but its a clam shaped fracture.
  2. Thank you frank c, I maybe new to this forum but not new to rocks.
  3. If you were my uncle and I was 9 years old, I would except an answer without an explaination. But since neither of these is true I'm going to ignore your answer. It's obvious that I'm not "allowed" to ask a question like this without somekind of agressive reaction.
  4. Yes, but where else can I find the people that can help me with my question. I figured I'd ask those in the hobby or field.
  5. I took two samples from this rock, a rice sized bit from the outer glassy skin and from the interior and sent them to a lab and the results from the xrd are as follows: from the surface... Augite alluminium Magnesio-ferrite Tridymite Inner portion: Mostly ferroan anorthosite
  6. I havent implied anything, I asked a valid question.
  7. Thank you for your response. My question is if the dark vain that branches off, could be shock melt.
  8. Can anyone tell me if this is shock melt inside this rock. From looking at countless examples on line, it appears to be. I would appriate if someone could give me their professional opinion. Thank you.
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