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  1. I can't remove this now, just ignore it mb. Might just be a dumbass idk hah
  2. Hey so I did the test and here is some pictures. Visually it appears much more grey in person as my camera lighting isn't perfect, sorry it isn't the best representation, and not to mention I've also been told my whole life I have a hard time differentiating some shades of grey and brown, so it's best you decide anyway bahaha, with flash looks more brown to me idk and surface looks about the same
  3. It is not magnetic no and the cuttings were no different in colour they actually broke off in shards almost like glass I grabbed a few to take a pic
  4. Hey again I decided to cut open the rock (sorry for the Terrible job in advance) and it looks very similar to graphite from a pencil or even lead, and another cylinder fossil in the center, and it's also still quite shiny for being badly scratched, making me think it may not be a laquer after all idk about that though, and sorry I couldn't buff it up I have to go buy a new buffing bit for my Dremel
  5. Yeah I didn't think it was a meteorite after doing some more research, and I can definitely see it being coating in varnish or laquer, but it's just a little odd because near the fossil that is intersecting with the ridge (one with the claw) there is a crystallike material that goes from an orange colour to a blood red colour (changes with each tiny crack in the bead until it eventually blends again with the colour of the rock) and it is very visibly on the exterior of the varnish/laquer given its there. There's even a spot with a considerably raised portion of whatever that crap is right wher
  6. Hey so I recently acquired a very odd looking rock from a recently passed grandparent that from my very inexperienced (Google knowledge at best lmao) eye it seems to be a meteorite, but it doesn't seem magnetic. I scratched a small bit on unglazed ceramic and it came out a very light grey, I measured the density to be only 4.2g, it was 105 grams with a volume of 25ml almost exactly (don't have means for very precise measurements) it has a slight brown tinge in some areas (hopefully I can post some good pics on here) with odd rusted spots with different shapes, and small impressions on the surf
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