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  1. The membership discount for First Responders, Military, and Veterans is for your first membership only. It doesn't apply to the next time your membership comes due. I went through trying to use the ID site and called the office, and after three days was told it was for my first year only. Just so you know ... ;-)
  2. FYI for those headed to Quartzsite. It has empty shelves. Had to go to all four stores (not the tents - don't know what they have) to get a few can goods and was told trucks are coming in with supplies today.
  3. I'm currently in the Dome Rock area. Take the roads slow and easy. I'm in a 27' Class C and there are some areas I can't maneuver but for the most part slow 3 mph-ish and no problems.
  4. Hey folks! I'm originally from east of the Mississippi and this past month or so have migrated to AZ by way of WA, OR, and NV.
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