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  1. Im going to a shop tomorrow that has a coil. He said i can put it on to see if that's the problem. Wish me luck!
  2. Yea, I left a message for a Tech guy there. If I don't hear back this afternoon I'll call him again. Looks like it's only drywashing for now...
  3. I have a feeling the Threshold is stuck because of the way it sounds. None of the controls work. All you can hear immediately when placing batteries back in the compartment is the loud noise. The volume won't shut it off and the threshold knob underneath won't shut the sound off :( No way to even use my bug...
  4. Out prospecting I had my Gold Bug on the ground while digging for a nugget. It toppled over on it's side and then started making a loud noise and wont stop. It sounds like the threshold when its turned up all the way. It only stops when you take both batteries out... Anyone know what might cause this? Thanks! Gena
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