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  1. Well, like I said, pure noob here... would that maybe have something to do with my feeling intoxicated a bit later on and then throwing up several times? Yikes... One more thing, I did that scratch test with a friend and we were able to get a few scratches all of the way up to somewhere in the range of 14k using the respective acids to test it but like I said, I'm pretty much in the realm of not knowing if we even did it right... seems simple enough... Thanks for your reply man, I appreciate it!
  2. Aww man... yeah I thought this too so I broke pieces off and turned it into even smaller and smaller pieces and then added them to a plastic container of muriotic acid and everything gold or yellow color was unaffected... What does this mean I'm so confused... what am I doing wrong here??
  3. So yeah as you might infer from my title, I do not have the know-how or experienced knowledge that some of you here possess but I am really wanting to learn if someone is wanting to impart what they have learned, I am ready and willing! So, if y'all wouldn't mind having a look at my stones... lol (I jest) No but honestly I believe I have some really cool material here although I'm not positive, could a few of you please give me your expert opinions? I will reply and answer questions as quickly as I possibly can. Also; Thank You!!!! (In advance) for your time, energy, and effo
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