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  1. Howdy too, Bill. I hope you will have a great time in CA and good luck hunting. Just watch the fire(s)
  2. If I add it all up over the years I have probably paid off all my detectors and then some, If this is what you are concerned about. The 6000 will pay for itself eventually I have no doubt. But of course, I know where to look.
  3. I totally understand your frustration. And yes, many areas in the Motherlode are so littered with trash that the only option you have is to use a VLF with iron probability meter. I prefer an iron meter over outright discrimination as it is more efficient and gives you more choices for decision making. Unfortunately, digging trash is just part of our game and unfortunately high end gold detecting technologies don't allow for discrimination. It took me a long time to figure out areas in the Motherlode where a PI or ZVT can be used productively. For instance, in most of the river canyons I just use my GM, but in other areas, perhaps a bit more remote, I use all three of my other machines (SDC, 6000, 7000) based on the circumstances and ground conditions. The old saying of "not one detector fits all" remains very true. That being said, you will find the 6000 as a very versatile, almost perfectly designed detector from an ergonomic perspective, that is equipped with smart technology, has broad applicability with 2 mono's and one special DD coil and is just pure fun to use. The signal response for fast timing gold up to good depth is unmatched by any other machine and the light weight and good ground handling makes this detector my to-go detector any day. Of course, it comes with a steep price tag. However, if you are willing to make a good investment for just one high end machine then the 6000 is the only detector I would recommend. And yes, I have a huge drum of trash. I call it the "drum of tears". But I also have a decent amount of gold, and most of all I have incredible memories and adventures in deserts and mountains that are more worth to me than the gold I find.
  4. Oh it very much is valuable. Here some finds from last weekend (Sierra County). The 6000 is a superb machine and worth every penny.
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