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  1. Hello everyone, I found this rock lately and I'm struggling to identify it's kind. Can you please help me identify it?
  2. I am sure it's metal and honestly i don't think this is a meteorite assuming i don't have experience with mineral rocks... but this is one of the few rocks which attack magnets. i have two black stones stick to magnets and their inner color is red but they are really small the size of a quarter.
  3. This rock stick to magnets and when i cracked it open i discovered it has actual metal. Does regular rocks usually have the same characteristics?
  4. I'm from Morocco and i can assure you that the desert in Morocco is safe and you may find its habitats welcoming you. and about The Sharia Law nobody cares eat, drink, and wear whatever you want no one will tell you a thing.we are not backwoods savages.
  5. Update: What could this rock be? I have found this rock in the desert of Morocco Errachidia city. this rock is heavier than other regular rock with the same size and it has a steel color underneath the black layer.
  6. though this rock is small it is a little bit heavy and under the first layer i discovered it has some kinda sliver color i guess it is like lead
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