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  1. One of my absolute favorite strategies for strewn-fields (dry environments of course) is to attach some rare-earth magnets to the underside of my truck bed and drive, I pick up all sorts of random crap (plus a few tiny meteorite pieces). Please feel free to share your favorite strategies when searching a strewn-field!
  2. I recently went down to Sherando Lake and detected behind the park benches, found a nickel, dime, and a penny (all recent) and not much else. Nevertheless they are my first find coin-wise and thought I should share here.
  3. Can’t legally detect on any of the big battlefields but there are plenty of skirmishes to detect.
  4. All I see are pieces of concrete and an ignorant fool who refuses to face the facts... This is my last reply.
  5. I never said I was defending WillM. Just that it was funny to watch him make a total fool of himself.
  6. Hey its me, that guy who just sits around and laughs at crap like this. Y’all should probably “stop feeding the trolls” as they say.
  7. Hi! I am glad to a part of this community and I am ready to learn! I can be commonly found in my “natural habitat” checking tailings and visiting mines. I mostly rockhound but I have been getting into metal detecting as of late. I have been told that Virginia is a great state for detecting for relics (specifically Civil War artifacts) and other related objects.
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