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  1. One of my absolute favorite strategies for strewn-fields (dry environments of course) is to attach some rare-earth magnets to the underside of my truck bed and drive, I pick up all sorts of random crap (plus a few tiny meteorite pieces). Please feel free to share your favorite strategies when searching a strewn-field!
  2. I recently went down to Sherando Lake and detected behind the park benches, found a nickel, dime, and a penny (all recent) and not much else. Nevertheless they are my first find coin-wise and thought I should share here.
  3. Can’t legally detect on any of the big battlefields but there are plenty of skirmishes to detect.
  4. Hi! I am glad to a part of this community and I am ready to learn! I can be commonly found in my “natural habitat” checking tailings and visiting mines. I mostly rockhound but I have been getting into metal detecting as of late. I have been told that Virginia is a great state for detecting for relics (specifically Civil War artifacts) and other related objects.
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