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  1. Good Morning! I am re-doing a lot of old jewelry I have doubts about these beads. I thought this is quartz but not sure. On last picture they are next to pink quartz. Pictures Thank you!
  2. Hi I am new here. Could you please help me to ID this rock? Found on Florida beach yesterday while picking up shells. It is not big, quite heavy. Looked very rusty. We don't have rocks here, I mean at all, only coral rocks so it attracted my attention. I brought it home. It pulls magnet. After washing it did not change much, some small rust sand fell off. My idea is it is some old broken metal pc, maybe from some machinery got rusty and deformed but I wanted to know other people opinion since I know so little about meteorites. I tried to cut it with my little Black&Decker electric saw metal blade and made a little cut. I use this saw to cut metal pipes for my garden projects without problem. But this rock was very hard to cut and I ruined blade :). Inside it looks just black. Here are images: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atp2fP1AWl8BjlyeIerCopEBaLct?e=Ayma5u What do you think? Thank you for all replies.
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