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  1. Yes I still need measurements and photos , and I would be happy to help you out .
  2. I am looking for Thompson 12V or hand crank dry washer
  3. I would like to get a 12 volt Drywasher like the Thompson, but Bill isn’t making them anymore . I have a small sheet metal shop and can build one , Bill’s Drywasher seems to get very good reviews . So if I don’t find a reasonably priced used one I will make my own version . I have only seen a few photos, and a couple of videos of one . I would like to get some dimensions. box width, length, depth, length of legs , pitch angle . Improvements you would suggest from experience? Thanks , Chuck
  4. Hi I am getting back into prospecting after about15 years. my experience is at the recreational level, I have built sluice boxes , hand suckers , 3”and 4” dredges , I love building the tools to prospect , currently finishing up a high banker loosely based on the Gold Hog Piglet .
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