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  1. That’s a great article, thanks. There’s a lot of photographers that had their hoarded negative collections rediscovered after their death, there’s a pretty famous one here in the US as well - Vivian Maier was a really good unknown street photographer who never published her work until a guy bought a box of 40,000 of her negatives for $380 after her death. The prints from her negatives are worth tens of thousands of dollars today. It sounded like he spent his money doing the things he loved, and left a pretty good legacy with his work and all, it’s too bad he died a broken man and ar such a young age. I wonder if his “life preserving potion” had anything to do with it?
  2. Join a local club like the Roadrunner Prospectors in Phoenix or the Desert Gold Diggers club in Tucson, they both have some good claims around you and even if you’re just with them a year you’ll get a lot of opportunities to meet up with folks that can help show you all the ins and outs to it.
  3. Oops, didn't read above this- good luck out there to you too!
  4. Where are you located? I would set up a visit with some experienced folks to see how different models work first. My buddies did that for me and I got to try out puffers and blower types. It was a good experience. That’s why I ended up with one of each!
  5. Thats a pretty interesting article, especially the part that implies bonanza rich veins may be more common than once thought!
  6. That looks like a 151, nice package! I have the same motor set up and it runs really well. Nothing like a four stroke, the sound isn’t loud like the 2-strokes, a lot more reliable too, although it reminds me of mowing lawns when I was a kid “Yes dad, I’ll be sure to cross cut and rake the grass this time!”
  7. Where are you located? I have a clean Royal large I may be letting go, I will be using it out over memorial day weekend in Southwestern Az, but I live in So Cal. If you are anywhere between Yuma and Quartzite this weekend, or in So Cal afterwards, maybe we can meet up. PM if interested.
  8. Couple interesting articles about it: https://www.space.com/strontium-heavy-element-formed-neutron-star-merger.html and one about the conditions a pair of neutron stars must be in to make gold, rapidly spinning inwards together in a death spiral... https://www.space.com/collapsar-stars-gave-universe-gold.html
  9. Bob, are you talking about dating?
  10. I was wondering about that -6 value, wouldn’t that have made it ID as a ferrous target anyway? But I suppose you had it set to gold 1? Do you have a little 6 inch coil? If so, try the same test with that.
  11. Well those two locations aren’t too far apart! That’s one thing about collecting minerals, a lot of those location IDs are way off. It’s a great little specimen, the way how it must’ve formed is interesting.
  12. I meant to post earlier, this is a beautiful specimen! What general location did you find it? It’s interesting how the calcite intruded into and filled the void inside the chalcedony.
  13. I think chalcedony has a green florescence itself without uranium, and all the chalcedony Ive ever collected throughout the Mojave glows like that. But I may be wrong as although I haven’t collected in areas known to contain uranium, it apparently only needs trace amounts of uranyl ions, (U02)2+, to make some minerals glow green. Edit: Morlock got to it before me, OK, so that explains it and if it only requires trace amounts of uranium it is pretty much everywhere there’s granitic and other intrusive rocks, so that makes sense.
  14. I found these in Franconia with both calcite and chalcedony
  15. Try it under a short wave mineral light, the chalcedony I’ve collected glows bright green.
  16. My favorite drywasher!
  17. Miners Depot in Quartzsite sells a Thompson update made by Mad Mining who bought him out, If you’re still looking for a new small puffer like a Thompson call them. Nice vacuum you got there too! I don’t blame you for wanting to get a puffer over a blower drywasher, I have a Thomson and really love it! I also made a Homer vac to clean up the bottom of my holes, but just run what I pick ip with it through the Thomson. And I have to admit recently I bought a Royal, however I have not tried it yet and I’m not sure how much I will like running the blower all the time, so I think it will be my back- up and when I want higher production.
  18. I know this is an older post but here is some great info about manually moving boulders and other heavy loads, and how to split boulders using hand tools: https://tahoerimtrail.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/USFS-Griphoist-and-Rigging-Techniques-Presentation.pdf
  19. What a nice setup Frank, it looks nicer than I thought. Too bad you are selling it but I know it will make someone happy to have such a clean one!
  20. That’s a nice deal for a PI!
  21. Your explanation makes a lot of sense. I noticed that the space taken up by molten sand is less than that of the same amount of dry sand grains. You can see this effect in the Vimeo movie “solar sinter” on the closeups. Maybe this also has something to do with the hollow tube. I knew about how electrons flow over the surface of a wire, but when in a sand substrate, the effects of them flowing down the outsides of their channel makes sense of why the sand would get fused on the sides rather than the middle. Fulgurites are really cool, hope to find some one day!
  22. Bob’s friend has obviously found the site of a camel wrecking yard. nice work though Bob, it looks nice!
  23. I wonder if fulgurites require a conductor like a small plant root to channel the electrons through the sand to form a concentrated path, it gets vaporized in the process and leaves a glass tube behind? It would be conceivable that the carbon and other organic remains of a small root are fully vaporized that way. It is interesting how fulgurites are tubes, another thought - is it because the sand in the middle is not fused and pours out of the fulgurites when they are found, or is it vaporized into a silicone plasma that vents out of the tube?
  24. Crickets are loud here! My wife and I like to look for fulgurites on the tops of high dunes and sandy peaks that you’d think would be good lightening attractors when we are hiking around, haven’t found any of our own yet. Do you have any you’ve found?
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