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  1. That and sometimes they are trying to protect the water or spring from cattle, burro’s, etc., from fouling it.
  2. SOLD. (Chris just let me know it sold and he had trouble removing this ad.)
  3. Like X-Rays? That could do it, it’s how XRF guns work by measuring florescence using x-rays instead of UV. And the newest from Minelab, the GPXRF 8000 has one built into the coil! I wish...
  4. Too bad lead and brass vs gold doesn’t react to UV! That would’ve made the ultimate discrimination tool. You and your kid’s observations of scorpions are great way to share, good job!
  5. A movie or photo of the mom with baby scorpions would be great!
  6. Very cool Bob! We will have to try doing that as I have not seen a scorpion with our light yet. They sure are fun to use, though. We always take ours camping whenever possible. I picked up some chalcedony and calcite on a meteorite searching trip at Franconia, AZ and tried them out on my mineral light with some pretty nice results. The red ones are calcite and the green ones are chalcedony.
  7. Still need those measurements and closeup photos? I got one recently, worked it a few days in the desert and got some nice color with it. Such a great little machine! PM me if you need help. Maybe we could trade help, I want to make a small sheetmetal 4” hose bucket manifold for a blower (want to make a vacuum separator).
  8. Oh gosh, I am so relieved. I just realized something- I though my recent weight gain was due to sitting around and eating more cheesy puffs a lot more lately, but it’s actually due to those cheesy lunar meteorites. For each one that strikes the Earth results in an increase of its mass, thus more gravity and more weight for me. I really am not getting fat!
  9. Cheesy, Bob. The sandstone, like from the moon, cheesy sandstone, because it’s made of it...right?
  10. I watch the moon a lot through my telescope, hoping to witness lunar meteorite impacts and grazing lunar occultations, but have never noticed this affect. If I ever do, I will be sure to get one of those cosmetic hot gel eye masks just in case!
  11. Hey Bob, I just got 4.6hp 4-stroke mounted to a Dayton hp blower. It was for commercial big jumpers, now I have a fun weekend mod project to work on. I will definitely use your ideas to set up the vacuum and pressure side of it, and will use Jack’s idea for the vortex separator. Thanks again for your help!
  12. Very interesting... the process must be really dusty, but I can see where you’d be cleaning up pretty well. Drywashing is a smaller, more intensive way of doing what you are doing, and I bet your yield to effort ratio is a lot higher. That unit could easily be put on top of a metal wash tub to turn it into a vacuum too, I like your design, and thanks for pulling those photos out, I appreciate it!
  13. Interesting- yeah, I noticed stuff getting stuck in my hoses and wondered how much of it was gold. I just found a Billygoat 5hp gas blower on wheels for cheap, may be looking at how to modify it for vacuuming. Would like to see your pics whenever you get to them, thanks for the great ideas! -Anthony
  14. Hi Bob, Hope Jack doesn’t mind this extention on his post about vacuums, but it’s all good info for readers too. Thanks for the detailed description of your setup. I have a 3/4 hp 4-stroke horizontal Honda engine that could be used to run a horizontal shaft blower with a pulley, thanks for that idea! Are you using a dust collection (vortex filter) of any type? As Jack mentioned above, and as I’ve recently tried out, the plastic one from HD works well for small jobs, but I was also looking for a higher volume metal one if I build a higher airflow blower based vacuum. Most of the metal ones I found are funnel shaped and rather tall, making the collection barrel rather cumbersome, I would guess. If you use these, what is yours based on? last question- what was the hand crank for? Shoveling or something hand cranked? Thanks for your help, appreciate it! -Anthony
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