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  1. Those with local knowledge of such places are getting old and are disappearing too. By removing those features from maps, it will not take long for all of them to be forgotten. Pretty sad.
  2. Looks like it was fun, some good food and finds, too. But what the heck is that?!
  3. The greenish tinted minerals in it may be olivene.
  4. All good advice, you are right about the lead, I am getting pretty good at finding smaller and smaller pieces of it! Just counting the days down until one of them is actually the real thing. My trouble is getting a real weak signal and sometimes it appears repeatable and others it doesn’t, I try different angles and then go back to the direction I was facing at first and it seems like it changes. No hot rocks being moved by accident or anything like that, no EMI sources around, so I’m not sure what’s happening there. It doesn’t happen a lot, so I think it’s not something with the coi
  5. Very nice, hoping to find something like that one day! What settings and kind of signal did you get from it at first? I’m a beginner learning the nuances of weak signals on the Zed. In fact, if anyone has a good link for videos with weak signal examples, please PM me a link (because this is off-topic from this post), unless Doug is ok with it. Thank you! -Anthony
  6. Made this slide out frame for a shower curtain. It slides in flush with my short rack on my shell, but you can easily modify it for a full-sized rack and put extra supports using a T connector: Its basically a 1/2” PVC pipe in a 1” pipe, the string keeps it from being pulled all the way out. The 1” pipe is secured to the rack using stainless steel zip ties. A shower curtain or awning top can be attached using eye hooks screwed into the corners and outer side of the frame, and hooks or magnets to attach it to the truck when in use, then fold and sto
  7. - That fly in intro would be a good place to put your title, also.
  8. Bill, You are getting pretty artsy with that drone of yours, I like the small World zoom in intro you have on your GM quick balance video. That’s a nice affect, I haven’t tried any of those special effect functions on mine, but appreciate the way it looks on yours as a intro, good job!
  9. Bill, sorry I missed this! How did it go? Is there a recording link? I was a member of Temecula Valley Astronomers, need to go back, fun times!
  10. I want a piece of that big fat asteroid, uh... I mean, the real one, if it falls and forms a strewnfield somewhere close... and I get to go find a part of it!
  11. Deduction my dear Watson, we know that it’s not a meteorite from Jupiter! ;)
  12. I agree with Bedrock, put vinegar on them and watch the bubbles. Limestone.
  13. Send photos of it to that UCLA link that is on the meteorite id poster I posted above- There are experts here, but you would carry a lot more weight having a mote from UCLA telling you if it’s real or not when you’re making a claim with eBay. Good luck with that and I’m sorry about your disappointing purchase, don’t let it stop you from collecting real ones!
  14. Only Klingons have that technology, Starfleet tried but it messed up some people. It is coming into reality though, some experiments with cloaking small particles are successful. All cool tech stuff!
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