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  1. What a nice setup Frank, it looks nicer than I thought. Too bad you are selling it but I know it will make someone happy to have such a clean one!
  2. That’s a nice deal for a PI!
  3. Your explanation makes a lot of sense. I noticed that the space taken up by molten sand is less than that of the same amount of dry sand grains. You can see this effect in the Vimeo movie “solar sinter” on the closeups. Maybe this also has something to do with the hollow tube. I knew about how electrons flow over the surface of a wire, but when in a sand substrate, the effects of them flowing down the outsides of their channel makes sense of why the sand would get fused on the sides rather than the middle. Fulgurites are really cool, hope to find some one day!
  4. Bob’s friend has obviously found the site of a camel wrecking yard. nice work though Bob, it looks nice!
  5. I wonder if fulgurites require a conductor like a small plant root to channel the electrons through the sand to form a concentrated path, it gets vaporized in the process and leaves a glass tube behind? It would be conceivable that the carbon and other organic remains of a small root are fully vaporized that way. It is interesting how fulgurites are tubes, another thought - is it because the sand in the middle is not fused and pours out of the fulgurites when they are found, or is it vaporized into a silicone plasma that vents out of the tube?
  6. Crickets are loud here! My wife and I like to look for fulgurites on the tops of high dunes and sandy peaks that you’d think would be good lightening attractors when we are hiking around, haven’t found any of our own yet. Do you have any you’ve found?
  7. I have a pile of dry landscaping DG I have been needing to move to the backyard. I now know a perfect way to do it without having to pick up anything and at the same time do a drywasher riffle tray angle test. Thanks for the great idea of using the lead. I’ll have to see if I can get some birdshot and spray paint it gold. I will also put in smaller lead shavings too. Then I’ll get the neighbor kids to drywash and move the DG pile for me, and I’ll let them keep the ‘gold’ they get after I weigh it for the test. Who knows, maybe they will also get some real stuff out of it depending on the sou
  8. Thanks for the references you guys, I appreciate it. I have a Thompson that I’ve used a few times and I think I am doing that one right (it has a set angle so I chock the legs to adjust it) it seems to have good recovery though (I ran the tailings through twice and even more to check it). I recently purchased a Royal blower type drywasher to get more production, and will be using it for the first time in a couple days. Based on what you guys are all saying, running it flat like it was in the video I saw is not the way to go! The guy was burying the ruffles and had a big mass of material movin
  9. I’ve read a lot about how to set the angle on a riffle tray of a drywasher for getting good results, but recently watched some videos of people setting it to a angle that almost looked flat and the material was only very slowly moving along on it. So slow in fact that it looked like it would take the material as long as 30 seconds or so to move off the riffle tray. I realize that in terms of production, moving material through faster by using a steep angle is necessary, but for better recovery does anyone else here do that and is it better than using a steeper angle?
  10. Drywashers should be careful with this one, especially women who are pregnant. Valley fever can cause fetal damage and is also associated with miscarriages. It can also cause lung scaring and other organ damage if it spreads. Although many of us who live in the Southwest may have already been exposed and have antibodies for it and may not even realize having it, It can be a bad disease and is another reason why one should mask up when drywashing or doing anything that brings up dust in the Southwest. I also just got my 2nd Moderna shot yesterday and had a fever last night from it. Othe
  11. They added a new 4 kHz frequency to the 600 and 800 with it in 3.0 https://www.minelab.com/usa/equinox-software-update-3-0
  12. this goes with a warm thanks for my two friends who taught me the ins and outs of detecting and using a drywasher on their southern California claim where I found my first 0.54 grams ever. That’s a great place you have there, and it was definitely a memorable time! Thanks!
  13. Those coins are really nice! Were they cut by the owner to make small pieces for payments?
  14. Really - try a hipstick, it makes the heavier detectors (GPX and GPZ) feel like they are almost floating because it transfers the weight from your shoulder to your hip while you are swinging. Unfortunately, the guy that makes them only sells them on eBay, so search for hipstick on eBay.
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