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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. Steve, I really didn't/probably still don't have a preference as to battery/hand crank. Though Max's caution of avoiding a hand cranked, I'm sure, has merit. Probably my main requirement would be lightweight & quiet. I am definitely to a point in my life where portability and simplicity is much more important that production. From the videos I've seen, the almost zen-like 'thwack', 'thwack', 'thwack' of those little puffers seem pretty soothing. Max, my first thought was building my own (certainly not the slightest thought/desire of going into pr
  2. Anyone have a puffer/bellows type drywasher you are looking to sell? I'm in the market for one... Mike
  3. Sure enough! Not sure where I came up with the discount was good for renewals...wishful thinking I guess. Sure glad I decided on the 3-year membership when I signed up! Mike
  4. And to make matters worse, a person could across a location monument indicating the name of a Claim and such&such a corner. However without first checking the records, you have absolutely no idea if the Claim is even Active. The Claim could have been closed for years... Mike Old Claim monuments never die, they just smell that way...
  5. I agree, club membership does have benefits...social benefits, educational benefits, fraternal benefits of like-minded individuals. Those are not being given away. You have to join the club to benefit. However, (as several Forum members graciously pointed out to me) claim locations are freely available anyway, why give the impression that they are secret? For example below are a couple of screenshots, one from mylandmatters.org (excellent resource!) showing all the claims for a T7N R3W S28. The other is a page from the Maricopa County Recorder showing the *exact* location in Section
  6. I've been wondering lately why Prospecting Clubs only provide Claim maps to their Members. It seems that first of all, it would be good advertising to lure new members to join their club. Secondly, it would provide responsible non-members accurate maps to better avoid inadvertently trespassing on active claims. I'm sure the Clubs must realize accurate claim location data is available to those who wish it. Maybe the figure most people won't go through the effort. I can perhaps understand not publishing detail information about the Claim, or even detail directions, but a Claim map would
  7. Congrats R-F-L!!! Always good getting that first one...
  8. What a wealth of information clay, chrisski, Morlock, and others have been! I just wanted to take a moment to extend my thanks to all who took time to share their knowledge. Through the generousity of you guy, in just a few days, my level of understanding of the Mining Claim process, and research tools has increased an order of magnitude. Once again, my thanks and appreciation... Mike
  9. Hello all, GPAA currently has a membership sale going on 25% off the regular 2 year membership for $115, and 30% off the 3 year membership for $155. The 3 year also comes with Free Shipping on their box of stuff they send to new members, so that would be another $13 saving. So for a little over $50 a year for a 3 year membership, it's starting look not too bad. Then I see they are offering another 25% discount on any membership to First Responders, Military, and Veterans. That put me over edge...I went ahead and joined. So if you are thinking about joining, or are already a membe
  10. Thanks! Yes, Yavapai sounds a lot easier than Maricopa. I've been spending quite a bit of time on the Maricopa County Recorder's website. My interest is just having a good idea of where active claims are located before heading into an area to detect. I am hoping to come up GPS coordinates of the active claims rather than having to go in search of monuments. Besides the possibility of coming up with something useful, it's kinda fun tracking down records from the Recorder's data. However. just going through claims in LSD, I'm finding all sorts of weird things. Like active claims that
  11. Yeah, that always seems like the spam mail from DID's (Damsels-In-Distress) with $8,00,000 in foreign countries wanting your help to get the money out of the country. For only few hundred dollars you can have a portion of the $8 million.
  12. Thanks for the great, in-depth reply. It helps a lot, and is much appreciated. With mining law only requiring a location notice be described to the nearest 1/4 Section, it seems like there would be all sorts of claims being filed on top of each other. I guess between the BLM and the County Recorders they can keep that kind of thing to a minimum. Thanks again everyone for your comments. Mike
  13. Thanks! I was using MyLandMatters also but I guess they get their data from the LR2000 because they only go down to a 1/4 Section also. I'll check the County Recorder for Maricopa County. I was looking for closed claim in the LSD area which got me started on this wild goose chase. So it looks like you have to use MyLandMatters or LR2000 to determine if the claim is closed, and to the County Recorder for the exact location? Geez... Thanks again... Mike
  14. Opps...I had a slight miscalculation there didn't I? Thanks Morlock! ps: what part of Missouri are you? I was born&raised in the STL area. Then about a 20 year stint on the West Coast. Then back to MIssouri to 50 acres down around St. Robert. Finally opted for shoveling sunshine rather than snow, and moved to Arizona. Sold the Missouri property to my brother, so we're back to Missouri often.
  15. Hello all... I have been trying to wade through BLM's LR2000. It's pretty straight forward to narrow down a particular 20 acre placer claim using LR2000 tools to Meridian, Township, Range, Section, and Subdivision. However, for the life of me I can't find location data beyond a 1/4 Section. If I understand correctly, a 20 acre claim is 1/2 of 1/4 of 1/4 of a full Section. As I said though, all I can find is subdivisions down to a 1/4 Section. Am I correct, in thinking that to file a claim with the BLM, you have to be more specific than just a 1/4 Section? In a 1/4 Section, you c
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