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  1. I ASSUMED (hate that word) that this would be directed to Bill since the Video I referenced HE DID. That being said I will Welcome first hand advice from ANYONE with the expertise in using Google Earth and the Layover Maps and such apps out there today. How to define areas and links to the apps and software You All Use. I'm a Newbie and 75 so I try to plan my trips to make it as easily physically on me as possible. Thank you for the reply, hopes this clears things a bit and any help will be great.
  2. A request from OR..... Would you consider doing a Video on using Google Earth and the other Apps you use to locate good areas. You touched on this in an earlier video when things were in drought mode for you. This would be a great asset to any and all hunters along with locating old mining towns and pioneer trails and towns. Thanks in advance....... Doc
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