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  1. Hello all. New forum member here. My buddy and I are moving to Arizona next week and I’m glad to hear that you’ll be (re)starting a new prospecting club. I will absolutely be joining. We’ve actually been doing research and trying to decide which clubs we’re gonna join once we get to AZ.
  2. .....crap After proof reading my first post on this site, I realized I screwed up and called gold a mineral. Pardon my brain fart. Gold is a metal. Duh.
  3. My buddy and I are moving to Arizona next week and we’re bringing our new detectors with us to have some fun finding that cool, yellow, mineral we all love. Both of us purchased a Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and I went one step further (maybe it was 3 or 4) and also got a GPZ 7000. We’ve watched about all of Bill Southern’s “how-to” YouTube videos and I can’t wait to find my first nugget with a detector. I’ve got some experience relic/coin hunting with my CTX 3030 and I’ve done a little prospecting (dredging and sluicing) in GA, TN, and IN, but this will be my first time nugget shooting with a detector. I’m looking forward to making some new Arizona buds and doing the happy dance when I find my first nugget. Thanks for all the great instructional videos Bill!
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