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  1. I thought Conglomerate but has chondrules and the regmaglypts I don’t know
  2. This has all characteristics of lunar meteorite.
  3. Hey Bedrock Bob do you think any of these little fragments look like maybes. The one by itself seems to have iron pieces and little stones but I don’t see chondrules at least I don’t think I do what do you think? I hope nobody gets mad at me for asking about so many stones for years I have put aside rocks that I thought were unique and they were in a drawer now my daughter is getting little older and meteorites and geology something she is into too so we have been going through them and that’s why I’ve been asking about so many. It not like every rock I find I think is a meteorite. Just saying
  4. I wasn’t specifically talking about anyone specifically I was just making a generalized comment that we need to remember we are all learning new things all the time
  5. Bedrock Bob at same time people who have knowledge should be willing to help and not criticize people who are not as knowledgeable as them. They need to remember at one point they learning as well. if they can’t do that their not a scholar their just a waste of a teacher.
  6. I apologize I meant say was I agree it is a terrestrial rock not from outer space. I apologize I meant say was I agree it is a terrestrial rock not from outer space.
  7. Morlock I don’t think it is I am always hopeful but the people on site are more knowledgeable then I am so if the overall consensus is it is or isn’t then that’s what it is Those who speak of things that they don’t have knowledge of our just ignorant
  8. Here is couple pics I still think the craziest Part of this stone is that flat side with the lines in it. But I don’t think it’s terrestrial rock.
  9. I want to say identifying rocks or stones is a lot more difficult then I would ever thought. Just so many variations. Gotta Love Nature !
  10. Jim Im not sure about obsidian I have found pieces of obsidian and I really don’t think that its obsidian.
  11. I have narrowed this piece down to probably lead ore or can’t remember name but started with (fer) I think I remember it was some kind of rock shipped by train for long period in history As far a meteorite goes not saying I thought it was but immediately in the field I could discard because of no noticeable regmaglypts amoung other characteristics but that easiest to notice in field
  12. Thanks bedrockbob for your help do you possibly have any links to sites that you feel are good resources for someone learning.
  13. Thanks everyone for your help I am learning it helps me a lot to be able to have Stone in my hand when it’s explained what helps identify that it’s not meteorite I have done a little research on meteorites but I’m far from even novice amount of knowledge. I always say no matter what I’m learning or discussing that I may have some knowledge but I am far from a master at anything. I look at as Im always trying to learn something new “The more you know the less you don’t know” -Howie Mandal-
  14. I agree it’s low end, it’s my starter metal detector, I was just asking a question
  15. It really doesn’t seem to be at all identical in regards to porous but Some characteristic similar to slag I did used file and sand paper and I can’t even scratch it I was trying to file some and I seeing shards from file and it’s damaging the file and just did test with metal detector and no reaction even slag should make the metal detector buzz low frequency for iron because that is common in all slag right?
  16. It’s obviously a piece of slag once I got looking at some pics good call although I do see a lot of similarities between the two I think probably seeing one in real time would help me be able to tell difference. let me ask you I have Garett 250 metal detector would a meteorite show on it as a hit?
  17. Thanks willM my understanding of porous is space or holes throughout. I don’t see any holes that go beyond what looks to be shell or crust. That’s with my untrained eye maybe I’m wrong
  18. Here couple more pictures the holes in pic 3 are spots where I used the file
  19. Have had this sitting on shelf for years and figure I would see if it’s anything special. Magnet sticks to it a brown dust when filed and smeared with finger
  20. Much respect Morlock and Bedrock Bob thanks for your help
  21. Thanks bedrock bob well considering that some of your response doesn’t make sense to me shows me that learning the basics is right and that does make sense to me.
  22. I see similarities to magnetite lodestone but they state that it acts like a magnet and I tried with nails, bolts, screws and other types metal nothing sticks to it and like I said not even a magnet sticks to it it only pulls magnet towards it But does not stick and even regular refrigerator magnets are even less responsive to it also it does show that the silver underneath the black shell would leave black streak and it is not
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