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  1. Much respect Morlock and Bedrock Bob thanks for your help
  2. Thanks bedrock bob well considering that some of your response doesn’t make sense to me shows me that learning the basics is right and that does make sense to me.
  3. I see similarities to magnetite lodestone but they state that it acts like a magnet and I tried with nails, bolts, screws and other types metal nothing sticks to it and like I said not even a magnet sticks to it it only pulls magnet towards it But does not stick and even regular refrigerator magnets are even less responsive to it also it does show that the silver underneath the black shell would leave black streak and it is not
  4. If it was magnetite wouldn’t magnet stick to the rock even the square earth magnet doesn’t stick and that sticks strongly to anything possible I actually have to close my hand when I hold it so it doesn’t attract to things and pulling off of something It takes a slide off
  5. Don’t have a real good file but what I used is showing similar I do see little black when I hit the black areas but the silver doesn’t seem to show anything and even the black when I smear with finger I don’t see any distinctive color
  6. I will try file but what I’m meant as far as streak test was with the part black it is black streak where I sanded down to silver i am not getting a streak
  7. This one is definitely a rock like piece can iron be a rock
  8. Not sure about magnetite it barely makes magnetic react and magnet does not stick to it
  9. When test with black it is a black streak silver underneath don’t see anything from streak
  10. Curious about these as well. They are very responsive to magnet thank you for any help
  11. Just curious if anyone could help indentify this rock a field hunting find from couple years ago this is extremely heavy for size I have a strong earth magnet square hung from ceiling on a string and rock pulls the magnet towards it but not fast the magnet does not snap onto rock 60088651863__7FD80C2D-0203-4808-B274-77FCD2AA0AED.MOV
  12. I have a Garrett metal detector I’m going to see if it detects anything I will update
  13. V.B. Doesn’t really look like that at least not images I’m seeing from google search. My daughter is checking with here geology teacher today he should give me a definitive answer it help to see in person I’m sure. Thanks for your help though.
  14. Morlock Good point. It weird how it appeared but I am no expert so volcanic basalt it is. Thank you for the info
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