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  1. Hey Chrisski, I went back and edited my post to tell you how to find these subjects on youtube! Columbus's diary actually said they saw an object rising from the water, that ain't no camp fire! But they had more than one sighting too. At least we know that man didn't have any craft capable of what he saw, but watch the video and make up you own mind! I see you are from Phoenix, I love the place, used to go through there driving or flying to southwestern Colorado hunting and on several occasions saw the balloon festival, a pretty site from the air. Maybe I will make it out there again someday and we can go up in Colorado to metal detect a few areas we found while hunting. One of the guys found a Calvary button on top of the ground. So far none of us has made it back out there with a detector!
  2. For the nonbelievers, look at the gunsight footage recently released by the military from their fighter jets. There is more to see there than lights! You can see the actual object and the pilots talking about how they have it on auto track, since it would be hard to follow manually. Then they talk about the rapid changes in direction and altitude in amazement. These are pilots who are used to every aspect of modern aviation seeing something they can't explain. Now, these guys are the experts in the air with actual gunsight footage, that is hard to argue against. Look it up on youtube, and explain it differently or support the evidence! Now all that is in today's world, but in the time of Columbus, he documents seeing lights moving in the sky above his sailing ship! Now that certainly wasn't any aircraft made by man, back before 1500! OK someone requested links, so here is how to find documentation, go to YouTube and punch in UFO Diary by Christopher Columbus 1492, then while on YouTube punch in Miltary Pilots filming UFO's and you will get about 30 different videos on the subject with actual gunsight footage. Now after watching all that If you still have doubts I would recommend forget trying to convince yourself or trying to argue the point. Believe what you want but this has been covered up for years.
  3. Might check and see if it's radioactive! Might have come from a nuclear test site! It's pretty anyway. They say there are areas in the desert, I think in India where the sand was turned into glass from a presumable nuclear weapon in the distant past. Alien type theory, but it could happen. If this post doesn't suit the scientists out there, maybe everybody can get a cackle out of it anyway! But in my redneck situations manual, it could be possible to create a lot of molten material if an object has enough mass, speed and temperature when it hit an appropriate matrix to combine with, probably a great big dust cloud too and a loud whomph that would scare a dinosaur into a major gastric disturbance. The surgeon generals warning on cigarette packages during that time probably said "don't smoke in the presence of dinosaurs capable of producing more than 50 cubic feet of gas within 30 seconds, or wait until it dissipates below 5000 ppm. Immediate detonation possible". Tehe
  4. I am looking for info on building my own coil to use with a detector to find meteors! Like the one on meteor men. Looks like the easiest way is to buy a Lorentz with a fixed length wire coil that can be fixed along the perimeter of a pvc frame. Only drawback is that they are expensive. The plus side is that it will probably be easy to make work being the loop provided is already balanced to the detector. I think it would be better to build a carbon fiber frame over the pvc for strength but would be more expensive. Maybe fiberglass would be cheaper than carbon fiber and a lot stronger than pvc. Any ideas on what detector and coil to use would be appreciated.
  5. Sonny, like to talk with you about your large detector, robertkinard1@att.net thanks Bob
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