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  1. i have tried real hard to steer this conversation towards "ventifaction" because that's a new concept to me, but look where you people have taken this. i was simply trying to get more information about these agates that someone in my club has been collecting up in WY on public lands. i was hoping for some intelligent discussion about them, something other than the opinions of the people in my club, but apparently i'm not going to find that here. and if anyone is trying to sell something on this thread its bob who is pushing $2/pound rocks that he can't send a picture of. then he admits to gett
  2. jesus you guys are cynical. i have made ZERO claims on this forum, i've only asked honest questions. i am NOT the seller on ebay btw. it's a guy i know locally and i didn't want to question him directly about his claims so i brought my questions here. but i've been met with nothing but deuchebaggery. i know for a FACT that these guys collect these rocks, but i just wanted to know more about how they formed like that. you guys have all the time in the world to post pics and mock the ebay listing, yet bob and everyone else can't even provide a simple link or pic to something similar. i'd say t
  3. so can anyone provide me with any examples of anything remotely similar? people keep basically telling me how unamazing these things are, but the reason i'm interested is because i've never seen anything like them before. and if you look at all the pics of the items listed on ebay some are WAY too flat around the edges to have been tumbled. they also aren't uniformly perfect and they have little pocks and grooves that would have been worn smooth if they were tumbled even for a short time. in any case, we've already disagreed on the origin and we're entitled to our respective opinions. but can
  4. Thank you Bedrock Bob. Can you show many any examples of the higher quality "true ventifact" you speak of? I do tend to believe that these particular stones are NOT tumbled, but I guess you don't so we'll agree to disagree there.
  5. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that the people posting on this thread would rather just blindly judge something by a name than actually read a short one-age description on ebay to get a better picture. I was really hoping for some more thorough and intelligent replies here. No one is saying that these things are meteorites. Or jaguars for that matter. Do you also think thundereggs come from the clouds? Or chickens? It's just a name, please get over it. IF you actually READ the description they talk about where they are found and such...and I tend to believe that these are NOT tumbl
  6. thanks for posting pics. i couldn't figure out how to copy/paste from ebay. i've done alot of tumbling in my life and i've never been able to replicate anything close to that. if you read the description they aren't claiming these come from meteorites, just that they resemble them and they're worn smooth by the elements like a meteorite. obviously they're taking some creative liberties with the name though. i had hoped for some more constructive replies here but oh well. i still think they're cool no matter what anyone says. beauty is in the eye of the beholder i guess
  7. well they took down the links i posted so i'm not sure how to send you more photos. i just found these on ebay and was curious because i also rockhound in wyoming and have never seen anything like that. they also don't look "water worn" to me as someone suggested. they look sort of sand-blasted as they say on the ebay post. and lighting or no lighting, those things look cool! i'm kind of upset at the moderator here for denying me and accusing me of being SPAM. i may or may not ever post here again
  8. Hey y'all, I was wondering if anyone has ever seen anything like these "meteorite" agates before. I have my own theories as to how they could be formed like that, but I'm curious what other people think. They certainly are unique! What do you think they are and what kind of processes made them look so amazing?
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