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  1. On 8/7/2019 at 6:27 PM, Ahmad said:

    A friend sent me a picture of an old seal that is expected to seal the great USA in 1782.


    Where did the date 1782 come from?

    anybody notice the head looks more like a turkey? Wasn't there something about one of the founding fathers wanting to make the nation bird a turkey? I think Ben Franklin?

    FYI 13 arrows represent the colonys. When the arrows are bond together it mean they can't be broken but apart.......


  2. 6 hours ago, Morlock said:

    I would call that some type of breccia. A metal detector shouldn't go off on it even if it did contain iron. Nice example.

    It does look like that. 

    I live at the foot of the Appalachian mountains lots of lime stone around . It fascinates me that this was once sea floor. These rocks look like their made up of sediment of a large river. No rivers here now.

    Is it possible the iron if it is iron is from a meteor?

    Thanks railguy

  3. 5 hours ago, d_day said:

    It looks incredibly similar to a jasper we have in California. Can’t say what you’ve got there though. 

    I hung native American artifacts. I've seen jasper. This is nothing like the jasper  around here. The yellowish piecee in the stone looked like what I've always called "clay stone".

    The rocks look sedimentary possibly fused together by the iron looking material . I should say some of the rocks are quite large maybe 5 ft. Across. In the field there is 2 places where its sticking out of the ground. No telling how big it is. I guess it's big enough that it wasn't moved just farmed around.

    Another thing I should say is the area where it's at is slate. And there is spings  everywhere. Water literally  comes up through paved roads.I have a gravel driveway when it rains there r two springs in it.

    I have iron and sulfer in my well water.

    Rocks r not magnetic.

    TMI? Thanks railguy

  4. I've always seen this on the farm where I grew up. We always call it iron ore . Recently I ran metal detector over it and it didn't set it off. It's only in a small area and I've never seen it any where else. Some of the bigger pieces have sandstone in them. I've found sandstone that appear to be stained by something. Recently I found a sandstone broken and the staining goes into it a ways.

    Thanks railguy




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