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  1. Hello Bill, Don't know where to post this message, so I just add it here. Just looked at your Thanks giving YouTube vid. I always like to hear you sharing your knowledge with us greenhorns it's always informative. The only thing I don't like about it is, when your are saying Your just rambling on. Please don't say that anymore, because for us watching you on YouTube you are never rambling on! You are a store house of information we can only dream about. All the years and decades of experience you share with us for free, is of great value to me and I know also to others, although they don't say it but this worth mentioning. you deserve some credit for this ! Please keep up the great work you are doing , I appreciate it and I know others will do to, although they don't say it!! So I say it for them! PAUL P.S. A grateful watcher of all your posted youtube nuggets shooter vids.
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